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December 2003

Wednesday, December 31st, 2003

24 DECEMBER 2003

Things have been crazy since before Thanksgiving. Mike, Annie, and I drove to MN for Thanksgiving for a week and a half. We really enjoyed spending time with Mike’s family. I was able to see a few friends while there as well.

It seems like since our return the craziness multiplied. Two days after our getting back to SC, Mike had to fly off to San Antonio, TX for C-4 training for 8 days. He was trained to be a medic during combat. It’s scary to think of Mike in combat having to care for wounded soldiers. I hope that that never happens. Mike returned late Friday night (December 5).

Ryan and Shannon Arnold were planning on visiting that weekend, but called to say that they would not be coming. They decided at the last minute that it probably didn’t make since to travel 9 hours arriving at about 2:00 a.m. on Saturday only to leave early Sunday afternoon. It was kind of a relief for everyone since I had to leave on Sunday afternoon to go stay with the Smith girls in Jacksonville, FL for a week.

Travis and Jenni Smith went on cruise that week and entrusted me with the responsibility of taking care of their 3 children. The girls were very easy to handle making the week a breeze for me. However, bad news arrived Thursday afternoon. Gary Olsen (stepfather to Mike and his siblings) passed away. He had been very sick for some time. His last days were spent in hospice care.

Mike and I decided it would be best for only him to travel back to MN to be with his family for the funeral. If Annie and I had made the trip, then we would have had to bring our animals (or, at least, Lucy). It would have also been risky to put Annie on a plane this time of year since the flu is so rampant. Annie has also been having trouble sleeping while away from home. I don’t think she liked the Pack-N-Play in which she had to sleep. Annie has been sleeping much better now that we are back home.

Since Mike will be in MN during this week, Annie and I will be spending Christmas alone. That means Annie’s first Christmas will be without her daddy. Fortunately, we will spend Christmas Eve with the Petrescu-Boboks and Christmas day at the Clancys’ home with many other families. We might even go over to the Mays’ home if time permits on Christmas day. Thanks to the Petrescu-Boboks, the Clancies, and the Mays for being so thoughtful!

I made the dumb mistake of not having Annie get her picture taken with Santa when he was available at the Jacksonville ward party. The Smith girls all visited with Santa as I sat oblivious to Annie’s “needs”. I don’t feel so bad this time since Annie probably won’t remember anything this Christmas.

I have been taking a couple of classes via the internet. The classes ended yesterday. Did I finish everything? No! With the combination of Annie crying for Mommy to hold her and Lucy finding items around the house to destroy, my extra time left me.

Well, I hope everyone is having a merry Christmas. Mike and I wish we could be spending this time together with all the people we care about. We thought we would love living in SC, but so far it has only kept us from being able to spend time with our close friends and families.

08 DECEMBER 2003

At last, our website is finally live! I have been working on this project for a few months now. I have come to the point with this thing where I feel like it can be viewe by the world. Please no negative comments, I know I’ve still got much to learn.

Anyway, since this site is going to be posted for people that we’ve not kept in touch with, I will give a brief update of our lives. Mike finally finished dental school, May 2003. We made the decision to join the Navy. They paid for all of Mike’s dental school. In return, he will have to stay active-duty for 4 years. It’s not a bad deal actually.

The Navy moved us to Beaufort, SC in May 2003. Those of you who have no idea where that is, Beaufort is halfway between Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA and very close to Hilton Head Island. We are renting a nice home that’s been newly refurbished due to bizarre circumstances. We are really enjoying our situation here. Mike and I have met some wonderful people down here. Most of whom are in the same situation as us. They have kind of been like family to us. We never seem to have a free night anymore. I lost count of how many “workshop” parties I’ve attended.

We also have a new addition to our family, Annabelle Louise. She arrived on August 23, 2003. She weighed in at 5 pounds, 11 ounces. Annie has been such a blessing in our lives. I didn’t know it would be this wonderful to have a child. (Many of you already know how uncomfortable I am around children.) I’m starting to see children in a different light since Annie became part of our family.