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February 2004

Friday, February 20th, 2004

20 FEBRUARY 2004

My parents should be on their way to driving here right now. They will be spending a week with us. It will be the first time ever that Annie will meet her “Poppy” (my dad) and the first time since she was 1 week since she saw her “Nana” (my mom). Those are nicknames that they (well, my mom) came up with for Annie to call them. I don’t know if that will last. I have found in the past that most babies come up with their own nicknames for people and things.

I’ve posted new pictures of Annie in a new category on the “Baby” page called “Annie’s 6th Month“. It has been quite a big month for Annie. She is now very adept in rolling over back and forth. She has been eating rice cereal with other ingredients mixed in. Since the introduction of solid food, she has been sleeping 8 to 10 hours a night with interruption. She is able to sit up without any support for a few minutes at a time. She can even pick up items in front of her while sitting. Then this week she has started to get on her hands and knees to rock back and forth. She is acting like she very much would like to crawl. Go Annie!

I also have been busy trying new things. I made a purse all by myself. Jenni Smith and Sara Evans have been making these Vera B. knock-off purses for sometime now. I have been wanting one for myself. Sara was nice enough to make one for me. Then they showed me how to make one. Sara helped me to get all the pieces cut out for it, but then I was on my own to do the rest. It actually wasn’t that difficult, and I had only minor obstacles throughout the process. You can check it out on the “Projects” page. My goal is to make one for everyday. Just kidding! However, I do plan to make more of these cute totes. And, no, I won’t make you one!

Have great weekend, all!

04 FEBRUARY 2004

Oops! Apparently, I forgot to upload the current pictures that I added to Annie’s 5th month set. Feel free to check those out. My favorite is the one of Annie sitting on “her” sign. Please check back soon for Annie’s 6th month pictures. I still don’t feel like there is enough pictures from her 6th month to make a photo album yet.

Camp LeJeune, NC was graced by our presence this weekend. We decided at the last minute to go there to get a feel for the area. We’re glad we did. Now we definitely know the area where we should be looking for a home. Our hopes are to build a house from the ground up. Wish us luck!

My parents are coming to visit during the last week of February. Then Mike’s mom is going to visit early in April. Things will again get crazy afterward since we have trips planned to Camp LeJeune, NC again and to Washington, D.C.

I am going to add a FAQ section soon since I have received many questions about how I did this or that regarding this site. I don’t know how helpful it will be for those without web design experience, but, nonetheless, I will be adding info about it.

P.S. If you are looking for my comments from December 2003, I have moved them to the archives section.