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August 2004

Monday, August 23rd, 2004

23 AUGUST 2004

Wish Annabelle a happy birthday today. She is officially 1!! However, it was not such a great birthday for her since she woke up with a rash covering her little body (see picture collage at right). Doctor said she has Fifth Disease. Nothing serious for her, just have to wait it out (7-10 days). I guess there is some risk for me since I’m pregnant. Contracting it while in my state could cause the baby to develop anemia. I had to take a blood test, but I won’t get the results for a couple of weeks. I’ve decided not worry until I get results.

This website will be on hiatus for a few weeks as we are starting our grand move on Wednesday. I have no idea if we will actually get to close on our “scheduled” date of August 30th. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed. So if you don’t hear from us in awhile, just know that we are safe and happy!

18 AUGUST 2004

It’s the final few days before we will supposedly move into our house. I’m starting (or continuing) to be skeptical that we will ever live in that house. As many already know, Mike is in NC and I’m here in SC. It’s getting really lonely with just Annie to chat with and Lucy continually testing my sanity. The most recent pictures of the house (taken today) are on “Our House” page under “The Final Stages“.

Annie is now getting her 4th tooth. The picture at the left is actually before she started getting her 3rd and 4th teeth (babies won’t sit still when you want them to). She has been a real pill the last few days, and I’m hoping it’s because of her teething. She ran a high fever on Saturday and Sunday, but now it’s just her moodiness that is pushing me to the edge. She wants me to hold her all day or she will scream . I love holding my little Annie, but my scrawny arms get tired. I dread her reaction to baby #2 in February especially with Mike’s impending leave. She is already showing signs of being spoiled. She just through a tantrum not less than an hour ago kicking and screaming on the floor. Where do they learn to do that kind of stuff–After the Womb 101? Can an 11-month be disciplined? Sometimes when I tell her “no” she just laughs at me. We’re not off to a good start. I guess I’ll just keep working on her. Check out the additional pictures I added on her “12th Month” album.

03 AUGUST 2004

Not much to report other than Annie, Lucy, Lily, and I are having a girls’ month for August. Mike is now up in NC working. He will, however, come “home” for the weekends. Our house in NC is coming along and is expected to be completed on August 27th. Keep your fingers crossed for us. You can see recent pictures on the “Our House” under the link “Sheet Rock Stage – Week 1“. They have been siding the outside and sheetrocking the inside. Now that Mike is in NC, he is inspecting the progress daily. As of today, they have completed the sheet rock installation and the siding. So now it seems there are just the little details to work on.

Annie is now officially a walker. She finds it to be much more effiecient than crawling. Two teeth have also popped up in her little mouth. They are not completely grown in yet, but you can feel and see them. My baby isn’t really a baby anymore. (I’m frowning.) She has also taken to climbing onto objects in order to get at objects out of her reach. Yesterday while I was loading the dishwasher, I turned my back to her and the dishwasher for a few seconds. I looked back to find Annie standing on the dishwasher door reaching up on the countertop. She is so sneaky and curious. Check out her “12th Month” album on the “Baby” page.