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balloon forces, walking annie, and encore

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

The girls discovered the mega balloons that Grandma MN got for them and came up with some unique configurations. Even Violet got in on the fun and was not happy when the balloon was finally taken away from her.

Violet and Mimi loved walking Annie around on a leash the other night. No, I didn’t let my children walk their sister around on a leash like a dog. A friend brought over his pet Dachshund, also named Annie. Violet fell in love immediately and wanted to walk her around the entire time. I actually had to break up a fight between her and Mimi about who’s turn it was to walk the dog. Poor Violet doesn’t understand the concept of turns yet. And shame on Mimi for trying to argue with a baby. When Annie decided she wanted to go downstairs with her owner Violet was so upset that she cried until Annie came back up a long while later.

In other news, Violet really enjoyed the piano concert that Mimi put on for her. She even dressed up for the event.


I won’t be around for a few days since we’ll be going to MN again for Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Eat lots of great food:)

happy birthday to the man

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

That is the only man in this family. Can you guess who that is? Michael is now 37 years old. He apparently doesn’t feel any older because he forgot that his birthday was even coming up. When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday his was response was taco salad. It can’t get any easier than that, folks. Happy Birthday, Mike!

Of course, we couldn’t celebrate a birthday in this house without cake, so I baked one while Mike was away on errands yesterday. Nothing fancy, but it still tasted delicious and made everyone, including the birthday boy, very happy.

This morning the girls presented Daddy with a wonderful present. He hasn’t taken it off since.

And what better way to celebrate his birthday than a dental cleaning for the dog. Always the dentist. I do have to say that anyone who knows what it’s like to give a dog a cleaning are amazed that Lucy would sit still like that and let Mike scrape at her teeth like that.

blog the skype

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Kathy and I got a big kick out of when I said, “I’ve got to blog about our skyping!” Ten years ago that statement would have been complete gibberish, but now most modern day Americans would know exactly what I was talking about, even Grandma. Annie made the request this evening to Skype with Grandma MN, and I thought that that was a great idea. Fortunately, G’ma was around and up for the occasion.

Each girl got a turn to talk one-on-one with her, and G’ma was even able to get a good look at each girls’ missing teeth and new ones sprouting in. Oh, how I love technology!

At some point during our conversation, Violet came up to me with the Bat Girl mask and demanded I put it on her.

Even Mike got in on the action. Good times!

the fashion maven

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Over the past few weeks Violet has been discovering her love of clothes and shoes and other accessories.

If Violet sees her coat laying around, then she insists that I put it on her.

Let’s not forget about the shoes. Same thing, if she sees her shoes not on her feet, then they must be on her feet.

Wait a second! The look is not complete without her headband.

last days of fall

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Surprisingly, we’ve been treated with nice weather the past few days. Temps have been in the upper 60’s/low 70’s. The girls were even playing outside in short sleeves one day. Not to let it go to waste, Julie and I decided to take the toddlers to the park yesterday. We have both been craving Pot Belly’s after our museum fiasco a couple of weeks ago (it was the original plan to eat at Pot Belly’s which was close to the museum), so we decided to eat at the nearest one in Gurnee, IL and find a park nearby. I think Julie and I wolfed down our sandwiches in record time, and then we were off to search for a toddler-friendly park. My navigation system has a “Points of Interest” feature and lets you pull up all the closest parks to your location. Fortunately, it only took 2 tries to find a satisfactory park; the first attempt led us to an apartment complex park with one swing and a slide. The park we found had 2 baby swings, a smallish play area for the toddlers to roam on, and a 4 seater teeter-totter among other things. Violet was mostly interested with playing with the mulch on the ground.

But the highlight of our day was the conveyor belt slide. It was so cool that I wanted to give a go.

It always makes me melancholy to see winter approach and the warm days disappear for several months. However, as I get older the days/months fly by, and spring reappears in no time. Is that a good thing?

museum tricks and treats

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

It’s apparently part of the deal for the girls’ school to have the Thursday and Friday off from school before Halloween. The fact that it happened last year and the year before didn’t seem to register in my pea brain. The Johnsons and I wanted to think of something fun and Halloweeny for the kids to do while having that many days off from school. Upon searching the googler we learned that the Children’s Museum in Milwaukee was having a “Not-So-Scary-Halloween” event where there would be trick-or-treating and Halloween crafts/activities in and amongst the exhibits on Thursday.

Julie failed to warn me that this particular museum is in the heart of downtown (sorry I have to give her a hard time), so we made plans to eat lunch beforehand somewhere close by and then head over to the museum. But wait a second, turns out there really weren’t any restaurants nearby, and parking costs a pretty penny all over downtown. Julie vaguely remembered there being a small cafe inside the museum, so we took that risk. Whoops, it turns out the only “food” to speak of in the joint were “snacks”. So the kids subsisted on bags of chips, fruit cups, cookies, and soda. Fortunately, I also had a sippy of milk for Violet, too. Everyone managed to survive though, and we took off for our adventure quickly after eating.

Julie did warn me though that the place is usually busy and cramped tight with the exhibits. I didn’t heed her warning because I almost had an anxiety attack from the way the place was set up. The line for getting tickets has a gap between the line and cashiers which is also a walkway. They had a lady who was in charge of keeping linegoers out of the walkway and “kindly asked” us twice to stay out of the walkway. The second time I snipped back that the “snack” line we were in didn’t allow for people to enter into their gift shop. I was on edge, people. Once we got into the swing of things the stress slowly melted away, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. In fact, I don’t think the kids even took notice of my agitation.

The favorite place seemed to be our first stop at the news station where the kids got to see themselves on t.v. giving news reports.

Even VIolet loved watching herself on t.v. Joey stayed by her side all day long. Unfortunately, he’s gone missing in our house somewhere (at least I hope he’s in our house somewhere). She misses him dearly.

Julie and I thought the funnest part was the life-size board game. It was based on eating healthy, and the kids had to make healthy food/lifestyle choices at each station in order to proceed. It was pretty elaborate. Everyone’s favorite station seemed to be the “Price is Right”-like spinning wheel. If it landed on junk food, then they had to keep spinning until it landed on a healthy food.

Another choice station was the video dance game.

At one point we discovered a storybook and puppet theater, and Julie and I were glad to take the break. Most of the kids got to volunteer to help out with the stories or puppet shows, so they were thrilled to get that opportunity. Right before entering the room there was a trick-or-treat station with string cheese. Each of the devoured their cheese in mere nanoseconds, so I guess the “lunch” we gave them may not have been enough food.

The girls thought they were so clever when they held up their cheese while saying cheese. Ha!

I won’t overload y’all with more pictures, but there is tons more to do at the museum. I just wish it hadn’t been nearly as busy. The kids had a ton ‘o fun though, so that’s all that really matters I suppose.

vi’s first shiner

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Apparently, to be completely christened into the Hawley family you must receive a black eye because now all my girls have had at least one. I don’t think I ever posted about it on the blog, but Annie got one while Mike was in Iraq after falling off the couch and hitting her eyebrow on the edge of the coffee table on the way down. I think the reason I never posted about it was because I felt so guilty and like a bad mommy for letting my toddler play on the couch. Then many of you got to see the gruesome pics of Mimi’s shiner. I think it gave some people nightmares. That sucker lasted about 2 weeks, too. Violet has finally gotten her chance to be like her big sisters, and Annie was happy to assist. While playing on my bed (after I told Annie not to put the baby on the bed) Annie bounced Violet off her feet and planted her face right into the footboard. Annie felt so bad, but Violet got over it pretty quickly. By day 4 the swelling and color have already decreased.