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14 DECEMBER 2007

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Maybe this will make up for my lack of updates. It’s kind of appropriate since there are technically 12 days ’til Christmas, if you count today, right? Anyway, I know many of Mike’s relatives would get a kick out of this since they are such a musical family. Sorry to keep bombarding you with videos.

Things are finally, kind of, slowing down around here. I just submitted one of my last client orders. I do still have 2 photo shoots coming up in the next couple of weeks, but those people know that I will be waiting until after the first of the new year to present their pictures to them. Good grief it’s been pure madness around here! We’ve also had something going on each night since Wednesday all the way through Sunday evening. What happened to those evenings of getting the girls to bed and just veggin’ in front of the t.v. until bedtime? I miss that:(

08 DECEMBER 2007

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Holy buckets! Has is really been over 3 weeks since last posting here? My apologies. Pretty much since Thanksgiving, life around here has been a bit crazy with hours blurring into days and days blurring into weeks. Oh, I don’t know, maybe spending 2 days cleaning this heap in preparation for Thanksgiving, hosting the Thanksgiving feast for 12 people, spending a day in the hospital with a sick kid, having said kid out of school 2 extra days than expected, doing 7 photo shoots in less than a month when I’m accustomed to only doing 1-2 per month, proofing 100’s of pictures, and endless other things are causing this little lady to not have enough time to do anything personal. Don’t get me wrong…I love being busy and making a little extra money in time for the holidays, but the forthcoming break will be a relief. With that said, I only have one more shoot this month, and then I’ll hopefully be back to posting about the daily monotony that is my life. I really have been trying to squeeze in some quality time with my girls though. A quick glimpse of some of the things we’ve done…look below…making a snow man and putting up the Christmas tree.

In the meantime, here’s an oldie but a goodie. During our courting period, Mike and I used to frequent First Avenue. I would go there for the dancing and Mike for foosball. Occasionally, we’d see a concert there, too. Oh, and the annual Halloween costume party/contest was always a fun and usually shocking way to spend All Hallow’s Eve. When it was just “danceteria” night, the whole back wall usually had random videos showing. One such time Mike and I discovered a video that has been a favorite ever since: “Around the World” by Daft Punk. I can still sit and watch it a dozen times in a row. I came across it again while loading music/videos onto my new iPod (an early Christmas gift). Enjoy!

E.T.A.: Of course, if you’re going to watch that, then you also have to watch this. Another Daft Punk song that’s been in my iTunes, and seeing this made it a favorite again. Some clever kid came up with an interesting way to “display” the lyrics of the song. How he had the coordination and dexterity to do that is a mystery to me.