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April 2004

Thursday, April 29th, 2004

29 APRIL 2004

We’re back! As revealed in my last post, we spent last week in Jacksonville, NC and then in Washington, D.C. The house we’re building is finally starting to show signs of being built. In fact, I’ve made a new page that will report the status of the construction of our new home (notice the link under the heading “Around Here” called “Our House”). Since we are not able to be there to observe the progress, our realtor is going take weekly pictures and email them to us. I will then post those pictures to the page for those interested in seeing how it turns out.

While in Jacksonville, we spent a couple of days at the beach on base called Onslow Beach. It’s actually pretty nice. I’ve added pictures of our escape to there on our “Southern Living” page at the link called “Onslow Beach” under the Jacksonville, NC heading. You will notice Annie in her first bathing suit. Also at the beach we had a mishap with our much-loved and very expensive digital camera. The short story is that it got dropped, the card got destroyed, and now the camera is not working properly. I don’t know what we are going to do to fix it. Let’s just say I’m very disappointed.

I have no pictures from Washington, D.C. (please see above). Coline Huff is going to send us a disc of her pictures that she took. I will then post them on our “Memories” page. All I can say about it so far is that we had a lot of fun and saw a lot of stuff. I’ll give more details later once I have pictures to back up my claim.

17 APRIL 2004

Mike’s mom, Kathy, was in town last week. We had such a nice visit with each other. She arrived on Friday, April 2nd. The Smiths met up with me at the airport when I picked her up. They then spent the weekend at our house. It’s always interesting to see how to fit an extra 6 people into our little home. Somehow it all worked out. That weekend Mike and Travis ran a 10K in Charleston, SC (see image at right, Mike in SHORT, blue shorts). Us girls met them later that day. We took the Fort Sumter tour. It was pretty cool. We took a fairy boat to get to the island on which Fort Sumter was built. The guys went home soon after, but the girls stuck around to visit a cute, little quilting store called People, Places and Quilts.

The Smith Family departed on Sunday after some playtime at the beach. Mike returned to work on Monday, so it was just Kathy and me to hang out with each other for the week. I took her to historic downtown Beaufort. Since I had already been on the Beaufort carriage tour, I drove Kathy around some of the same areas that the carriages take tourists. We also spent a little time at the Chocolate Tree. Kathy also helped me to sew up a shirt. My sewing skills are still at the beginner to intermediate level.

Mike, Annie and I spent Easter Sunday with the other AEGD residents. We had about 15 people over for dinner that night. Ham, fried turkey, garlic mashed pototoes, green bean casserole, and pistacchio salad are among some of the foods served for dinner. It was nice for Mike and me since there were a ton of leftovers that none of the guests wanted to take. We had enough for lunches and dinners for the next few days.

On Monday, we leave for North Carolina to see the progress on our house being built. We will then travel up to Washington, D.C. to meet up with some dental school friends, the Huffs, the Bakkes, and the Gabriels. We plan to see most of the local sites including the White House. Coline Huff spent months organizing a tour for us.

Annie is still working on her standing skills. We think she is very close to walking. She is also now able to feed herself Cheerios. We are so proud.

P.S. I updated Annie’s 8th Month gallery. Please check it out.