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fishy but it’s her fault

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Last night Mimi’s school took part in a fish fry. Each year the Catholic elementary school that Mimi’s preschool is connected to (but not officially affiliated with) has a fish fry fundraiser to help raise funds for the school. Mimi’s school was invited to participate in their program. They sang a few songs such as “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and “B-I-N-G-O”. Mimi really looked like she was enjoying herself and has quite a rhythm for dancing. I must say, however, that this was the first school-related function that I’ve been to where they offered beer and wine.

It’s been almost a year that Mimi has been potty-trained. {Hooray for her!} She had a lot of accidents in the beginning, especially at nighttime. Many mornings the sheets would be wet, or she’d have a couple of #2’s in her pants. Mimi never seemed to mind. We’d go back to putting the “nighttime panties” on her because I was tired of dealing with washing sheets so often. She did eventually show us she could keep her gear dry for several nights in a row. It’s been several months without any accidents accept for the occasional “she drank too much liquid before bed” dilemma, and we’ll find her sheets wet. However, those really are rare now.

A couple of months ago we started letting Lucy sleep with Mimi on the bottom bunk. Of course, Mimi has been ecstatic about this, but Lucy does sometimes sneak back downstairs after a few minutes. The girls usually wake up plenty early enough for school and then wake me up, so I usually won’t see their bedroom until it’s dressing time. The other morning I noticed that Mimi’s sheets had a large puddle right where her bottom would lay. Before I could say anything about it, Mimi announced, “Look, Lucy peed on my bed last night!” My response was, “Oh, really! Are you sure it was Lucy who did that, Mimi?” After a few seconds of me staring her down Mimi finally confessed, “Ok, it was me.” I can’t believe she had to audacity to blame her accident on Lucy. As much as I’m willing to blame Lucy for something, I just knew I couldn’t let her take the fall for this.

classy, german mustaches

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

For the past few months we’ve been developing a family tradition each Wednesday night: ice-skating. Since our local fitness center/iceplex offers open-skate and is free for members, we decided it would be a great way for the girls to practice their ice-skating skills. It turns out that the girls were unable to sign up for anymore classes until they are 6 unless they repeat the classes they’ve already taken, so we figured we’d just keep practicing with them each week instead (it’s much cheaper this way anyway). The girls do seem to be making improvements each week. We even let me them skate with each other while Mike and I have couples skating. Too bad they never play REO Speedwagon or Journey.

Every once and a while we split up and each skate with one of the girls. Mike was skating with Annie when he asked her if he should grow a mustache. Her reply, “No, it would be too classy. Like a German.” Mike had been doing so well lately not mentioning or thinking about mustaches, but his lovely sister, Sara, had to go and find this fabric to show him. Now it seems it’s all he can think about. Thanks, Sara! Thank goodness the fabric costs $36/yard which is outrageously expensive, and even Mike knows it’s not worth that much of an investment.

shiver me timbers

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Today was Pirate Day at Mimi’s school. Even though it seemed like every other kid in her class specifically purchased costumes for this special day, I just found some miscellaneous items from Mimi’s wardrobe and around the house. Surprisingly, she was not pleased about this particular costume. Mimi is definitely going through a girly girl and princess stage. I tried to convince her that she was still wearing mostly pink, but she kept pulling off her bandana to try to replace it with a headband. Silly girl.

Of course, when I take a picture of Mimi Annie must have her picture taken as well. Below is what she dressed up in just for her photo op. Annie had her first play date with a friend from school today. She didn’t have school today, so we decided it would be okay to invite one of her classmates over. Her friend has a lot of spunk and calls Annie on the phone all the time. The couple of times I’ve had to tell this friend that Annie is busy doing something else she told me to get her on the phone anyway. Obviously, I don’t let a 5-year-old order me around, especially one that’s not mine.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that after church yesterday Annie asked us how old she has to be before she can have a boyfriend. Mike and I were so shocked we didn’t really have a response for her. After a few seconds I told her 37. Where in the world is she getting this information from?!?!?

3-2-1…BLAST OFF!

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

As a scouting event Mike invited the boys over to launch their homemade rockets that they started making a couple of months ago. Since we have the cornfield in the backyard, they thought that would be the perfect launching site. We filled the boys up with a hardy breakfast first of waffles, bacon, sausage, and eggs. Then they were off to see what kind of success they would have. Of course, the girls wanted to participate, but we decided it would be too dangerous for them and too cold (it was around -2 degrees).

The boys are ecstatic to launch their rockets.

Not without gearing up first. It was c-c-c-cold out there.

Here’s round one with “Golden Boy”. One of the other leaders made this beauty. It was painted solid gold and had the name proudly displayed in large, black letters. They had a stall the first time, but the second time was a charm.
[google -2657607949766111133&hl]

Next up was Mike’s rocket. His was painted yellow and black and was officially dubbed “Big Daddy”.

[google 4742871153718758391&hl]

There was a second launching of golden boy that really turned out nicely, but the video was too long to upload here. You could even see the parachute eject and take affect. You’ll just have to take my word for it. The boys seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. A few games of foosball were played, too.

cravin’ pizza and sassy girl

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

So that’s what I’m making for dinner tonight. Yum! Fortunately, I had a Chef Boy-R-Dee pizza kit in the food storage and some old mozzarella and pepperoni. Hopefully, those last 2 ingredients are too old. Some of us don’t have the luxury of having a Papa John’s Pizza delivery man for a husband. Hrrmph!

Annie got home from school today with 2 bags of popcorn. Every couple of weeks the kids have “Spirit Day” where they wear their school t-shirts and can purchase a bag of popcorn for $.25. Annie requested to eat her bag o’ popcorn while watching a few minutes of t.v. I agreed that she could for 15 minutes. While she was munching away and gluing her eyes to the tube I asked her what she did at school today. She started to tell me, but then got frustrated and declared, “Mom, I will tell you later. I’m too busy right now!” Well, I never! I had to laugh though and just let her be because it’s funny sometimes to see a 5-year-old act like she’s 15. Or should it be scary?!?

goin’ sledding and other cute bits

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Once everyone was awake from their afternoon nap today we decided it would be fun to go sledding, for real this time. Mike spotted a hill close by our house, so we tried it out. It turns out to be quite a popular spot as 4 other families showed up around the same time us as. The girls had a blast. Even Mike took a few rides down. I opted out since I don’t have appropriate gear yet. I may never.

Mimi’s first ride down was probably one of her best. I tried to keep up for as long as I could, but she lost me.
[google 7847449404207351372&hl]

Annie’s not as savvy on the sled but she got the hang of it as time went on.
[google -9066259440979405542&hl]

Daddy rode down with each of the girls.

And the girls attempted a 2 sled stunt.

We stayed out until just before dark. Fortunately, we had made some hot cocoa in a thermos, so it was nice to have when we got home. My toes were a bit numb.

I attended a baby shower yesterday afternoon. This is what I arrived home to. Doesn’t this just melt your heart? That is Annie’s head under the green, patterned pillow. And, yes, the house is a pig sty.

I mentioned “Annie’s Store” the other day. Here’s an example of one of her sale signs. 59 must be a magic number for her because everything was 59% off.

Hope everyone is staying warm and toasty:)

puzzle quest

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

As an activity with the girls Mike thought it would be fun to attempt a 1000-piece puzzle with them. Of course, they lost interest pretty quickly, but Mike was determined to finish it. Mike was home sick a couple of days last week, so he did make some major progress during those days. I helped a little by sorting pieces into groups for him and did spend some time puzzling, too. Today the puzzle had about 20 pieces left until completion, so we got the girls involved and had them put all the pieces in. They were overjoyed to find pieces that actually fit. Now it is done, and now I can have my living room table back.

Apparently, Mike can’t accept the fact that Lucy is not a lap dog.


Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Due to very cold conditions here in good ol’ Kenosha the kids are out of school today. That means I have the joy of entertaining the girls all day without the option of sending them outside to play. It’s not so bad because they really have become wonderful playmates for each other and will disappear playing in their make believe world. I’ve heard Mimi pretending to be a baby while Annie is the mother. They’ve also played vet where Mimi is the puppy that needs to be nursed back to health. Or store is another favorite. It’s all good to me.

I bought them some educational computer software a few weeks ago (Office Max was offering 20% off a bag full of items). The girls asked if they could play. I more than happy to get them set up for that. As you can see they aren’t letting the cold get to them as they are wearing their summer dresses with sandals even.

I have made some more progress on the Roman shades for our house. I completed both the dining room and den shades. Mike was gracious enough to help me install them one night. However, we ran into a snag. Somehow I made 2 of the dining room shades about 6 inches too wide. GRRRR! Those have not been installed yet, but you can feast your eyes on the den shades. The close-up gives a better idea of color/pattern. It’s hard to get a nice picture of the whole room since the sun is shining so brightly through those windows. I haven’t had the motivation to fix the dining room shades. It’s more about being angry at myself for making such a stupid mistake.

As a Christmas present to myself I bought new bedding for our bed. Our previous bedding was purchased when we first got out of dental school and has gotten quite dingy and faded. Even Mike mentioned a few months ago that we could stand to use some new sheets. Of course, he didn’t realize his comment would be interpreted to mean that we needed all new bedding and new throw pillows. However, I did find some fabulous bargains on all the components paying less than 50% for all the items. Of course, I’m still waiting to install the curtains for the room (yes, you read that right, no Roman shades for this room), so I will refrain from posting pictures yet. Sorry!

more haircutting adventures

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Once again Mimi got ahold of the scissors. You may remember the other time she experimented with scissors. This time she was really sneaky about her scissors exploit that we didn’t even notice right away. Mimi came down from her nap right as Mike was getting home and insisting the girls go out to frolic in the snow. The girls were dressed in winter gear and out the door before I knew what had happened. Annie returned from outdoors saying that Mimi had told her that she had cut off Annie’s Barbie’s hair. Immediately, we were in search of the doll and hair. It didn’t take long to find Barbie with her new haircut. Isn’t she lovely?

However, the surprises didn’t end there. Do you notice that there are 2 piles of hair in those pictures above? I spotted that brown pile under Mimi’s bed. At first I tried to recall which Barbie/doll we had with that color hair and then quickly realized it came from a little, 3-year-old head. Upon inspecting my child a little closer we discovered that Mimi was missing quite a bit of her long locks and that they were more shoulder-length now. Mike wanted to make this a traumatizing experience for her so that she’ll not get tempted to do this again. So he told her he was going to cut her hair like Barbie’s. Mimi became hysterical at this point as we were setting up, barber-style, to give her a haircut. Eventually, she calmed down enough so that I could give her a reasonable haircut. Can you believe that child had the nerve to say, “I love my new hair!”? We made her promise that she only uses scissors to cut paper from now on. Mike threatened her with a “daddy-cut” if there’s ever a next time. We are all pretty smitten with her new look though. Have a look.

Here’s me doing the dirty work.

Afterward, I decided to give Annie a quick trim to even out the bottom of her hair. It took a LOT of coaxing because she was afraid I was going to cut it as short as Mimi’s. No pictures of her hair because it really doesn’t look any different. I did remark to Mike later that we never had to deal with the scissor fascination with Annie. Why is that? Or will it come later?!?

livin’ the easy life in wisconsin

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Mike has been insisting for weeks that I finally go get my Wisconsin driver’s license. I’ve been avoiding the task because I’m still traumatized by the multiple experiences I’ve had dealing with the Maryland Department of Transportation. Each time I would go there I ended up having to leave and come back with more paperwork. This was even after calling ahead and speaking with a representative telling me everything I would need in advance. I had to get both my driver’s license and car registered there, so you can imagine my frustration after making 4 separate visits to that place. Of course, the lines were insanely long, and I usually had at least one cranky kid in tow. The one good thing about getting your car registered in that state is that it is a 2-year registration. That means in the 2 years I lived there I only had to visit the DMV those 4 times.

Today I decided it would be a good day to get my Wisconsin driver’s license. Yes, I had to bring Mimi with me, but she’s actually really well-behaved when it’s just her and I. I did as much research prior to the trip to the license office, so that I wouldn’t have to repeat my Maryland adventures. In order to ensure not being turned away I absolutely over-prepared by bringing my MD driver’s license, military i.d., birth certificate, marriage license, social security card, passport, voter registration card, the last 3 months each of my utility and mortgage bills, and proof of auto insurance. You think I’m kidding, but I really did bring a huge manila envelope with all that crammed into it. I wasn’t taking my chances this time.

Imagine my surprise when my wait was non-existent upon entering the place. The nice lady who handled my paperwork looked a little scared when I handed over all my documentation. Fortunately, she only needed my MD driver’s license, birth certificate and a current utility bill, but she commended me on my efficiency.

After about 2 minutes of her entering my information into the system it was time for the dreaded photograph. The man who was in charge of this duty was very elderly which meant he probably wasn’t concerned about making sure I looked decent in the picture (I never do anyway). And, why the hideous, blue backdrop? Out of all the colors on the color wheel, this is probably the least flattering color for me. Why can’t we choose the background color? If this were the case, then I would definitely say green is my color, preferably in a shade of light olive or celery. Better yet I don’t think it would be too unreasonable to allow driver’s license applicants to bring their own (heavily) photoshopped photos as long as the photo reasonably looked like the individual. And, no, you may not see my driver’s license picture.

All in all it’s been very easy to get situated in the fine state of Wisconsin. Voting day was a snap, buying a truck here was a breeze, purchasing this house couldn’t have been any simpler (even after the mishaps we had in getting there on time), heavy traffic is never an issue, long lines are unheard of, and no mail has (so far) gotten lost en route to our house. What more could we ask for?