Sunday, January 18th, 2009

goin’ sledding and other cute bits

Once everyone was awake from their afternoon nap today we decided it would be fun to go sledding, for real this time. Mike spotted a hill close by our house, so we tried it out. It turns out to be quite a popular spot as 4 other families showed up around the same time us as. The girls had a blast. Even Mike took a few rides down. I opted out since I don’t have appropriate gear yet. I may never.

Mimi’s first ride down was probably one of her best. I tried to keep up for as long as I could, but she lost me.
[google 7847449404207351372&hl]

Annie’s not as savvy on the sled but she got the hang of it as time went on.
[google -9066259440979405542&hl]

Daddy rode down with each of the girls.

And the girls attempted a 2 sled stunt.

We stayed out until just before dark. Fortunately, we had made some hot cocoa in a thermos, so it was nice to have when we got home. My toes were a bit numb.

I attended a baby shower yesterday afternoon. This is what I arrived home to. Doesn’t this just melt your heart? That is Annie’s head under the green, patterned pillow. And, yes, the house is a pig sty.

I mentioned “Annie’s Store” the other day. Here’s an example of one of her sale signs. 59 must be a magic number for her because everything was 59% off.

Hope everyone is staying warm and toasty:)

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