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July 2004

Friday, July 23rd, 2004

23 JULY 2004

We went to Jacksonville, FL (not NC like so many people thought) this past weekend to see the Smith Family and Mike’s mom, Kathy. Mike took Monday off so that we could actually relax and not be rushed through the weekend. We all went to the Smith girls’ dance recital on Saturday night (except Annie who was at home with a babysitter). It was actually a very big event at some large theatre downtown. There were dancers of all ages and genres. I quite enjoyed myself; Mike can’t say the same. No offense to the girls because he did like seeing them do their numbers. Let’s put it this way, he demanded that there be no dancing at our wedding or the wedding was off. (I exaggerate a bit, but he really didn’t want any dancing.) Anyway, that was the big event for the weekend.

Other, smaller events occurred during the weekend. Annie decided to start walking. She took 18 steps at one time. She still hasn’t made it her main mode of transportation, but she can definitely do it now. Annie also learned how to climb stairs and made that her favorite pastime at the Smiths’ home. Mike and I decided that we will have to invest in permanent baby gates for the top and bottom of the stairwell in our new home. (Speaking of our house, there are updated pictures at the “Our House” link, click on “Rough In – Week 2” link.)

We really enjoyed ourselves last weekend. Mike, Annie and I will miss our short 3-hour drives to Jacksonville, FL. In the future if we want to see the Smiths, it will take 9 hours or so of driving. It will be cool to say that we are going to Jacksonville when we will already be living in Jacksonville. People will be so confused like so many were this past weekend. Four different people thought we were going to Jacksonville, NC instead of FL.

I have put together a compilation of pictures of all our trips to Jacksonville, FL on our “Memories” page under the link “Jacksonville, FL”.

And, finally, this morning Annie clapped for me! I’m so proud. Annie is starting to get her first too, at last. You can see it just poking through on the bottom. We thought she might have decided to just go toothless throughout her life. She has also taken up biting us when she doesn’t get her way. We will try to not let this continue. I’ve added more pictures to her “11th Month” album. She actually turned 11 months today. She’s getting so old.

14 JULY 2004

You can see the most recent progress on our house. Just click “Our House” and then click the “Rough In Stage” link.

10 JULY 2004

On Sunday we took Annie to see fireworks at Parris Island. They blew off some cannons, and Annie did cry just a tiny bit at each cannon shot. However, she was fascinated by the fireworks. Everybody was convinced that Annie would cry from fear during her first fireworks show. She just watched with wide eyes and only jumped at the really loud ones. She actually fell asleep halfway through but woke up when the finale started.

Also on the Fourth of July, Annie came down with a high fever. Mike and I thought it might have been because she was teething. But the fever broke on Wednesday morning, and there are still no teeth to report. Mike is still convinced that she has teeth coming in. We’ll see!

Speaking of the the Fourth of July. the Smith family came to stay with us for the holiday weekend. Jenni and I got to spend a day without kids on Friday while Travis stayed home with the kids. Jenni and I spent time at the usual spots, Carolina Stamper and the Chocolate Tree. We also went to Magnolia’s for lunch. We all went to the beach on Saturday and saw lots of starfish. Then, as mentioned above, we went to Parris Island for the celebration there (pictures available, click highlighted words). All and all, it was a very fun weekend. Mike, Annie and I will see them next weekend along with Mike and Jenni’s mother, Kathy, in Jacksonville, FL. She is coming to visit for a week. This visit will probably be the last time we see the Smith family while we live in Beaufort, SC. We’re hoping we can still visit with each other once we move to Jacksonville, NC. It will add about 3 hours to the trip. Mike also wanted to mention he saw a cool bird in one of our trees. Click on the “Found at our House” link on “Southern Living“.

Annie has also recently figured out how to get off the couch by herself. She turns her little bottom around so that she will exit feet first. I still hold on to her hand just to make sure she doesn’t fall.

On Thursday Annie took four steps all by herself. She is very comfortable walking as long as someone holds onto her hand. We think she could walk without support if she wanted to, but she thinks she can’t do it alone.

The last thing Annie has learned to do this week is say, “bye, bye” while waving if someone says, “bye, bye” to her. I don’t think she knows the meaning of her words and actions, but it’s still exciting for us. You can view the most recent pictures of her on her “11th Month Album” on the “Baby” page.

Some bad news came our way this week. Our house in NC will probably not be complete until sometime in August. So that means I stay in Beaufort during August while stays in NC. Needless to say, Mike and I are not happy about this latest outcome. Nonetheless, there are pictures to view on “Our House” page under the link “Framing – Week 4“.