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23 OCTOBER 2006

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Ooh, sorry, I didn’t realize it’s been over three weeks since the last post. Alright, I’ll be honest and admit that it was laziness and not forgetfulness that contributed to the lack of updates. We’ve been busy, as usual. The weekends that I long for because of Mike’s presence have been filled with various activities that have made the month fly off. And, yet, there are several more things yet to happen before this month is over. Mixed feelings stir inside me about all these happenings since it makes time go by quickly (which means Mike is that much closer to being done with school FOREVER), but it’s also hard to keep up with the daily grind (and awful chores). I suppose having fun stuff to do all the time is what life should be all about.

The Cheslers, Matt and Trang, hosted a grand Halloween Party with us at our house on Saturday. We had a pretty good turnout with about 20 attendees. The fun part was that everyone went all out with their costumes. As hosts, the Cheslers and we decided to dress up as Germans. Even the girls had their German garb on with homemade aprons and bonnets to match (made by moi). There was way too much food, but it was good to have variety with so many kids. Some of the food choices included chicken wings, hot and mild, deli swirls, Swedish meatballs, egg rolls, a veggie platter, cheese/salami/cracker platter, and more. Guests also got to enjoy kegs of root beer and hot, apple cider. We invited people to bring Halloween-inspired desserts. Most people participated but only a few entries were accepted (sorry, but store-bought sugar cookies and pumpkin pie don’t count). The winner was a fun graveyard cake. However, the other contenders were awesome, too. Of course, we also had to give an award for best costume which went to Kyle as Princess Lea (too funny). To top off the night, Mike and Matt designed an elaborate haunted house for everyone to go through. It was located upstairs, and the guys put a ton of work into the concept. By the end of the night everyone was pooped, but I think fun was had by all. Pictures from the bash can be viewed on our memories page under “Halloween Party 2006”. Have a look!

Annie went on her first field trip with her school today to a local pumpkin patch. She also got to ride on the school bus for the first time, something she’s been dreaming of doing for months. Mimi and I tagged behind in our van. (Leave it to me to get lost, too.) There were lots of animals to see and pet such as cows, bulls, calves, donkeys, lambs, goats and kids, ducks and ducklings, geese, pigs and piglets, bunnies, chickens, ostrich, llamas, and wallabies. The kids had the opportunity to pet and feed quite a few of the cuddlies. Mimi was quite obsessed with feeding the llamas. I had to pull her away screaming. Annie also got to milk a cow. She wasn’t quite sure what she was doing, but she was up for it, nonetheless. The girls got to pick out their very own pumpkins which I then got to lug around for the rest of the day. The day was fairly chilly and windy. Luckily, I decided at the last minute to bring jackets for everyone. Check out pictures from our fun-filled day on the memories page under “Pumpkin Patch – October 2006”.

I realized that I haven’t given an update on the girls progress lately, so I’ll start with Annie. Annie amazes and amuses me everyday. The stuff that comes out of her mouth sometimes can make the saddest person smile. The other night before bedtime I asked her to try to go potty. She declined with this comment, “I can’t because they are inside having lunch.” All I could do was laugh hysterically and run to tell Mike. Then the next morning after a potty session, she waved to the toilet and said, “Bye, bye, have fun eating your breakfast.” What?!? I don’t know where she gets these crazy thoughts. I’m sure it has nothing to do with having a father who had imaginary friends such as Jimmy Alaskate Hockey with his water buffalo and made up words like tanuntanun (definition: any group of objects or animals). And I’m sure it has nothing to do with having an uncle who befriended a piece of his excrement (while holding it, no less) and named it John Ivory Hawley. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Another thing I’m discovering about Annie is her impressive sense of direction and memory. She seems to remember how to get to places where we’ve only been to once before. Or if we’re going in the same direction as a particular destination but to a different place, Annie will correct me if I “make a wrong turn” (sometimes I am making a wrong turn, too). I know that she doesn’t get this skill from me.

Mimi is pretty much a toddler now. Her vocabulary is easily the same as Annie’s when she was over 2. The disposition of this child is so much different than Annie’s. That’s not to say she can’t be influenced by Annie on a regular basis, but they are night and day. Whenever we get around a large group of people, Mimi usually stays by my side most of the time. She also sucks her thumb profusely during nervous situations. Also, the last few days have not been fun for her or me. Several of her teeth have decided to come in at the same time causing her much pains, fever, crying/screaming, and lack of sleep. One cute thing about her though is her love for “baby”. You may have noticed the doll she carries in numerous pictures. That thing rarely leaves her arms. She’s now taken to using my cloth napkins as “bankets” for baby. I have to say it’s one of the most adorable things to witness. Annie’s even impressed by it because, on occasion, she insists on having her baby, too. Mimi loves her big sister so much and follows her around all the time. I so wish for them to be the best of friends one day.


Sunday, October 1st, 2006

Uncle Travis was here for business last week for a couple days. The girls, Mike, and I really enjoyed his company. Annie and Mimi couldn’t get enough of him and immediately discovered that he is very similar to Daddy. He throws them in the air, plays “Ring Around the Rosie”, pushes them on the swing, and so much more fun stuff. What more could a little girl want? I hadn’t realized that this was the first time Uncle Travis and Mimi met in person. They seemed to hit it off as if they’ve known each other for years. Annie still asks about Uncle Travis and his return. Fortunately, I am able to say soon since he and his family (Mike’s sister and 3 daughters) will be here for Thanksgiving. A funny thing happened the day after Uncle Travis left. We received Sister Jen’s (that’s what Mike calls his sister so as to not confuse with Wife Jen) quarterly, family newsletter. In it was a recent picture of Rozzie and Maddie in their ballet costumes. Annie picked that picture up and said, “Those are Uncle Travis’ girls!” So bizarre since the last time she saw the Smith family all together was the Christmas before Mimi’s birth. Annie must have a better memory than I give her credit for. We can’t wait to see the Smith family soon!

Along with Uncle Travis’ visit was something to go along with each night of this past week. We had the missionaries over for dinner one night when Travis was here. Wednesday night was Parent Night at Annie’s school. A peculiar incident occurred while there. I sat down at some random table next to one other student’s mother and discovered she was my neighbor right behind us. Mike had a a super, late night on Thursday night. On Friday night, Mike and Uncle Tiger cut a tree down at our German, neighbor’s house. Mike likes to stress the German part of our neighbor since he likes all things German. Later that night, Leah came over so that we could all go out to dinner. Last night we had to attend a party at Mike’s boss’ house sans kids. That was fun but such a far drive. When you’re ready, you can venture over to the girls’ page and view their September 2006 picture album. A little late, I know, but it was now or never.

The week before was the same thing, something to do every single night of the week. When will it end? I’m told never. A couple of fun things though. Tiger and Leah thanked Mike for some tree work done at their house by giving us a gift card for Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and free babysitting for the night. We took them up on their offer and scheduled the occasion for Friday night. The food was delectable and exactly what we had anticipated. Then on Saturday night we went to a family bowling night sponsored by the dental spouses’ club. Annie got to bowl for the very first time (sorry no pictures). It was so cute to see her ball sluggishly roll down the lane and then lightly tap a pin to knock it over.