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January 2004

Monday, January 26th, 2004

26 JANUARY 2004

Mike wanted to me to draw everyone’s attention to the bookshelf that he made for Annie’s nursery. A picture of it is located on our projects page. Please feel free to browse.

I’ve been so busy since the holidays that I almost forgot to reminisce about Sara Evan’s (Mike’s sister) visit at the beginning of January. It was great fun to have her on our new turf. We visited Savanah, GA, Hunting Island Beach, the sites of Beaufort via a carriage tour, and, of course, Parris Island. We actually had a cool experience watching the tracers that the recruits shoot during their night firing exercises on Parris Island (see picture on right). Sara was sad that her children were not able to see it happen since they would have thought it very “tool”. But there’s always this summer. (Hint, hint, Sara!) We were reluctant to drop Sara off at the Smiths’ home in Jacksonville, FL. Come back soon, Sara.

I spoke of being busy earlier. I’m sure many are thinking, “That woman doesn’t even work. How could she possibly be busy?” For those of you thinking that, mostly you are correct. However, I have kind of my own business now. I became a Stampin’ Up demonstrator in November. I did it partly to support my habit of buying stamp stuff, but I also want to take up scrapbooking. Since Stampin’ Up sells scrapbooking supplies, I thought selling Stampin’ Up would be a way of helping to build up such supplies. I want Annie and any future children of ours to each have their own scrapbooks to cherish later on in life.

I’ve also been busy trying to organize this joint. I knew that this place was much smaller than our previous dwelling, but I didn’t realize to what extent. We used to have a 1½ car garage, a wood shed and a full basement. I’m telling ya’, ya’ don’t know what ya’ got til’ it’s gone. My goodness, we had a lot of “junk” in those areas of our old house: food storage, cleaning supplies for every mess, unused furniture, hunting and fishing equipment, wood-working equipment, tools for every purpose, lumber, lawn equipment, buckets and buckets of paint and painting supplies, and much much more. We, of course, had to unload a lot of it before moving here, but we still had more stuff for which we have room. I like to think of myself as the container queen because I have lots of them (even before moving or even being married). Now I’m glad I held onto them. Anyway, I guess I talk too much. Most people aren’t interested in hearing organizational stories. Although, I do! So feel free to tell me yours.

Again, we miss y’all. Please come visit anytime!

25 JANUARY 2004

Hmmm…not much new around here but I wanted to inform viewers of some additions. If you’ll notice to the left, I’ve added a new category called “Southern Living“. It details our tails from the south. Feel free to explore. I will try to keep that page updated with our adventures around here although they will end in July. Yes, we are moving to Camp LeJeune, NC in a short 6 months. It’s only 6 hours north and still coastal.

For those interested in keeping tabs on Annie’s growth/changes, I’ve added more pictures to her 5th month set. Since she turned 5 months on January 23rd, I will soon be making a 6th month set of pictures.

Have a good week everyone!

07 JANUARY 2004

Finally, everything is starting to get back to normal. Mike almost had me committed at one point. I have spent this week cleaning up this place we call home. As people close to me know, I do not like clutter. I tend to get claustrophobic if things aren’t organized. So that’s what I did today: organized. I’m starting to feel better now about how this place is put together.

I’ve also been updating this site. I had comments made about user-friendliness. I have made changes to the “Baby” and “Memories” portions of the site. Let me know if there is any confusion. Additionally, I have added more photos to the above mentioned pages. My mother was complaining that she wanted more pictures of Annie, so I added more to each “month” in the “Baby” section. You can also view our Thanksgiving and Christmas photos on the “Memories” page. I hope everyone can take the time to look at them.

Annie has been making quite a few strides this week. She can now roll over from her back to her tummy and vice versa. I can’t leave her alone on any suspended objects anymore. Earlier today I put her on her back on the middle of a blanket only to find her moments later 3 feet from the blanket on her tummy. What a crazy baby! I imagine she will be crawling pretty soon.

Please let me know what you think of our site. I really want our friends and relatives from out-of-town to be able to “see” us on a regular basis. I will try to keep the site updated as much as possible. We miss everyone!