Saturday, January 24th, 2009

3-2-1…BLAST OFF!

As a scouting event Mike invited the boys over to launch their homemade rockets that they started making a couple of months ago. Since we have the cornfield in the backyard, they thought that would be the perfect launching site. We filled the boys up with a hardy breakfast first of waffles, bacon, sausage, and eggs. Then they were off to see what kind of success they would have. Of course, the girls wanted to participate, but we decided it would be too dangerous for them and too cold (it was around -2 degrees).

The boys are ecstatic to launch their rockets.

Not without gearing up first. It was c-c-c-cold out there.

Here’s round one with “Golden Boy”. One of the other leaders made this beauty. It was painted solid gold and had the name proudly displayed in large, black letters. They had a stall the first time, but the second time was a charm.
[google -2657607949766111133&hl]

Next up was Mike’s rocket. His was painted yellow and black and was officially dubbed “Big Daddy”.

[google 4742871153718758391&hl]

There was a second launching of golden boy that really turned out nicely, but the video was too long to upload here. You could even see the parachute eject and take affect. You’ll just have to take my word for it. The boys seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. A few games of foosball were played, too.

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