Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

30 APRIL 2007

What a week we just completed. Daddy was away, so the girls and I managed to squeeze fun activities into each day. Despite coughing, sneezing, and snotty noses from both girls all week, we still made sure to keep busy. I have a list rather than trying to write it all out in sentences.

Monday: We spent the morning at the big, local park. Lots of action with bunches of other kids kept the girls very happy. Unfortunately, I discovered that I have the wrong stroller to walk to and from the park. Walking up ginormous hills (3 to be exact) with that thing feels like pushing a grocery cart full of 6 months worth of groceries. I’ve decided to invest in a double jogger.

Tuesday: While Annie was at school Mimi and I went to the YMCA. With my quick thinking I jumped in the shower and got dressed just in time to pick Annie up from school. Us girls then went to the mall to buy me some capris and to get the girls some sandals. At night we went out to dinner with Miss Trang at CPK. Yum!

Wednesday: We ventured over to a coffee shop to watch Mr. Don sing familiar tunes with which we could all sing along. The event was planned by a mommies’ group someone told me about. I overcame my shyness to introduce myself and the girls to several of the mommies from the group. That night I got a babysitter for the girls and went out the dinner at P.F. Chang’s with most of the other endo wives. Deliciosa! (Sorry, Dora the Explorer snuck into brain.)

Thursday: Annie had school. Mimi and I decided to sit this one out and try to get some work done at home. I had lots of web design work to catch up on and housework that was getting neglected. When Mimi woke up from her nap she had a “feber”, so we decided that it best to take it easy for the rest of the day. The girls did manage to harass my Visiting Teacher during her time here that night.

Friday: Due to Mimi’s fever the night before we cancelled a playdate planned for the morning with a friend from the neighborhood. Of course, Mimi was back to her old self by mid-morning, but it was best to play it safe. Annie had her first “kindernastics” class which she thoroughly enjoyed. She got to practice stretching, somersaults, jumping on the trampoline, and meet new friends. Mimi was very disappointed to not be able to participate. Afterward, the girls and I headed over to Gina and Jakey’s house for an evening of pizza and general rowdiness.

Saturday: Miss Trang, Mr. Matt’s parents, the girls, and I had a heck of a time at Maryland Day. Each year the University of Maryland puts on quite the event involving tons of crafty and educational activities for kids, booths with lots of freebies, farm animals to peek at, good eats, and so much more. Annie was very proud of her shark’s tooth that she “found”. Mimi and Annie made bracelets that change color when exposed to UV-rays. However, one is floating up to the heavens while attached to a balloon, and the other is dispered under Annie’s bed, in her sheets, and basically all over her bedroom floor. Feel free to have a look-see at the pictures from the day on the memories page under “Maryland Day 2007“. Below is just a sneak peek. The guys finally returned home. We treated them (Mike and Mr. Matt) to a dinner out at Ledo.

Sunday: Back to church after missing several weeks due to either illness or conferences. The girls were thrilled to finally get to go again. Afterward we had planned to go to the National Arboretum with George, Gina, Dave, and Jakey, but it was closing up for the night when we got there. Mike and I were awfully embarrassed. Right before dinner Mimi surprised us and our dear friends with projectile vomiting at the supper table. Our guests quickly excused themselves and took a raincheck. Can you blame them? Mimi gave us a few more installments of revealing her stomach contents.

There you have it–our week listed day-by-day. As you can see, we barely had a moment’s rest. Most, if not all, of you may not be interested in knowing what we did each day, but it was just easier this way. How was your week?

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