Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

21 AUGUST 2007

Help me! My husband is trying to kill me! The other day Mike was talking to our German neighbor who happened to invite us on a little adventure on Columbus Day Weekend. Apparently, he, his girlfriend, and her kids have taken a liking to taking bike trips with camping in between. The place they like to go has 185 miles worth of trails. So what I heard from this: biking all day, camping at night, 185 miles. And, Mike thinks this is a great idea. Evidently, in the almost 10 years of marriage Mike really doesn’t know me that well. I can barely bike to/from our house to the neighborhood park. I’ll let you know what the verdict ends up being.

Last month I co-hosted a baby shower for Trang. I was in charge of the cake, favors, decorations. The theme was nautical since Trang is having a boy and has decorated the nursery this way. Here are a couple of pictures of my craftiness (Mike helped with the cake, Trang made the origami boats for the cake):

Last weekend we attended Geo’s birthday party (a friend from Mike’s work). The girls were invited as well, and they had a blast running around with the other kids all night. The event was catered by Guapo’s fajitas. It was wonderful! Of course, cake was involved as well. YUM! I was assigned to be photographer for a bit. Here a few pictures from the festivities:

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