Tuesday, September 18th, 2007


Once again I tricked myself into believing that when school started that life would slow down a bit. No such luck! I’ve had 2 photo shoots in as many weeks with also having church responsiblities that have slowly stacked up and demanded my attention. (How was I supposed to know that those dozens of emails from the Relief Society president actually required a response…just kidding, there were only 5 or 6 or 7 emails…hmmm, maybe more.) Fortunately, Mimi is all too happy to go with the flow without her sister around. This has been quite a relief for me. Annie’s school attendance is quite a chore as well since I have make her a lunch beforehand and actually present a clean, well-dressed child to the school on a daily basis. I think if I had a kid with straight hair it would be much easier to just throw her tresses up into ponytail each day. But, no, if I attempt to do that with her curly locks, it just looks like dread locks gone wrong. Instead I have to sit down with the squirt bottle and brush and work out all those snarls and tangles. Of course, it’s easier to get Mimi’s done at the same time which is in itself quite a feat because she does actually wake up each morning with dread locks. I can’t complain though because Mimi and I are having a grand ol’ time during the day with each other. It’s just that I’m not a morning person, and I’m needing quite an adjustment period for all these new tasks. And check out our latest family photo. Grab one for yourself at Simpsonize Me–too fun.

Saturday night was quite a fun evening for us, particularly for the girls. It was bowling night sponsored by the Naval Dental Spouses’ Club. The girls each got their own ball and a quick lesson from Mom and Dad. They were both determined to bowl all by themselves. Mike and I got quite a kick out of watching them. Mimi would usually just drop her ball down only to find it getting stuck in the gutter halfway down the lane. The bowling staff must have loved us requesting their help every 10 minutes or so. After a while we just started leaving the stray balls in the gutters. Many other kids were there, too, that played with the girls. I’m so glad we managed to get a lane reserved for us especially since I called 2 days after the RSVP date. I’ve mastered that skill. At the end of the night “trophies” were presented to the highest and lowest scoring bowlers. Mimi actually placed second for lowest score (Mike was 1st…I’m just joking). I told Mike we should doing the bowling thing on a bi-monthly basis…he’s not much of a bowler though.

Have a great rest of the week!

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