Monday, October 1st, 2007

01 OCTOBER 2006

Uncle Travis was here for business last week for a couple days. The girls, Mike, and I really enjoyed his company. Annie and Mimi couldn’t get enough of him and immediately discovered that he is very similar to Daddy. He throws them in the air, plays “Ring Around the Rosie”, pushes them on the swing, and so much more fun stuff. What more could a little girl want? I hadn’t realized that this was the first time Uncle Travis and Mimi met in person. They seemed to hit it off as if they’ve known each other for years. Annie still asks about Uncle Travis and his return. Fortunately, I am able to say soon since he and his family (Mike’s sister and 3 daughters) will be here for Thanksgiving. A funny thing happened the day after Uncle Travis left. We received Sister Jen’s (that’s what Mike calls his sister so as to not confuse with Wife Jen) quarterly, family newsletter. In it was a recent picture of Rozzie and Maddie in their ballet costumes. Annie picked that picture up and said, “Those are Uncle Travis’ girls!” So bizarre since the last time she saw the Smith family all together was the Christmas before Mimi’s birth. Annie must have a better memory than I give her credit for. We can’t wait to see the Smith family soon!

Along with Uncle Travis’ visit was something to go along with each night of this past week. We had the missionaries over for dinner one night when Travis was here. Wednesday night was Parent Night at Annie’s school. A peculiar incident occurred while there. I sat down at some random table next to one other student’s mother and discovered she was my neighbor right behind us. Mike had a a super, late night on Thursday night. On Friday night, Mike and Uncle Tiger cut a tree down at our German, neighbor’s house. Mike likes to stress the German part of our neighbor since he likes all things German. Later that night, Leah came over so that we could all go out to dinner. Last night we had to attend a party at Mike’s boss’ house sans kids. That was fun but such a far drive. When you’re ready, you can venture over to the girls’ page and view their September 2006 picture album. A little late, I know, but it was now or never.

The week before was the same thing, something to do every single night of the week. When will it end? I’m told never. A couple of fun things though. Tiger and Leah thanked Mike for some tree work done at their house by giving us a gift card for Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and free babysitting for the night. We took them up on their offer and scheduled the occasion for Friday night. The food was delectable and exactly what we had anticipated. Then on Saturday night we went to a family bowling night sponsored by the dental spouses’ club. Annie got to bowl for the very first time (sorry no pictures). It was so cute to see her ball sluggishly roll down the lane and then lightly tap a pin to knock it over.

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