Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

23 OCTOBER 2007

All of our weekend plans were almost ruined due to rain and illness. Annie’s school warned us on Thursday that her field trip to the pumpkin patch could be cancelled the next day if it rained. It was even sprinkling when I we arrived to the school, but they decided to give it a go. Fortunately, the rain didn’t start until the very end of our trip. More on that later. Directly after school on Friday the girls and I were planning on driving to Viriginia to see our dear friends, Tricia, Elena, and Elissa. The agenda included spending the weekend there with the girls running amok together while Tricia and I dished and caught up on old times. I’m sure lots of picture taking would have taken place, too. {Tricia did a little photography on the side, too, and I did her website.} Sadly, Tricia and her girls came down with quite an illness and suggested we reschedule. We’re going to try again this weekend, unless something else comes up:/ Be sure to check out Lucy with the femur (that’s a human thigh bone…only “the Burbs” fans will get it).

The pumpkin patch Annie’s school went to this year wasn’t quite as extravagant as the one we went to last year, but it was very quaint and appropriate for our young and small group. The “tour guide” showed us some of the vegetables they grew including green beans, cucumbers, various squash, tomatoes and more. We also got to visit with some cows, horses, and pigs. Of course, the kids got to pick out their very own pumpkin to take home. Annie insisted that her pumpkin was the biggest of all (even though most other kids had bigger). She picked out Mimi’s and made sure that it was much smaller than her’s. Mimi, being the diplomat, made no fuss. The girls had lots o’ fun getting to run around and seeing some animals. Well, Mimi was off to a rough start with a touch of cantankerousness, but she pulled through and was happy as can be by the pumpkin picking phase. Everyone also got to pick out an apple to snack on, and I got to divert a little boy from vomiting on us (good times). Right as we were finishing up with the apples the rain started to pour. We were escorted to their produce store. They actually had quite a nice selection including eggplant. While waiting for the bus I happened to look over and spotted a bow and some arrows much like the one Mike owns. He would have been so proud. Once Annie was on the bus Mimi and I motored home to take naps. Of course, we had to pick Annie up from school an hour and a half later.

Mimi and I have been battling about her incessant hair-twirling. I’m not kidding when I say that she wakes up everyday with a dreadlock in her hair. So I sit patiently and work out the knot every single day. I would love to just cut it out. However, if I did that each day, then she would be bald after only a week or so. I’ve tried talking to her about it. Funny, right? I’ve tried scolding her, but it does no good to discipline a 2.5 year old for something that happened hours ago. The other night I came up with a new idea. I decided to make a hat out of panythose (yes, panythose). I figured it would be thin and soft enough to not disturb her sleep. Unfortunately, she woke up without the “hat” on and with new dreadlocks with which to contend. I’m thinking my next step is to try mittens on her hands, but she’ll probably just take those off, too. Mike suggested french-braiding her hair. The problem with that is that I don’t really know how to french-braid, and I think she would manage to wriggle her little fingers in enough to pull out an adequate amount to twirl. Any ideas, people? In other news, the girls are quite fascinated with bad words, potty words as we call them. We try to limit or prohibit their use of the words butt, poopy, booger, fart, etc. Instead we prefer bum in place of butt and toot in place of fart and other such replacements. Unfortunately, the girls are constantly testing us on this. I caught them the other day singing “the ABC Song” but they were inserting butt where they could. “A, B, C, D, BUTT!” ha, ha, ha. Such clever girls! Then the other day Annie came to Mike to tattle on Mimi about how she was saying potty words. When Mike went to catch Mimi in the act, she was saying “potty words”. In fact, she was jumping up and down on the couch screaming, “POTTY WORDS! POTTY WORDS! POTTY WORDS!” Oh, our pesky kids.

Since my traveling plans were cancelled, Mike and I went to “Beer, Brats and Bunco” (a dental spouses club sponsored event) on Saturday night. I spoke with Trang about it beforehand, and we made the executive decision to RSVP. Apparently, this didn’t sit well with the men. Mike grumbled a little bit but knew he had no choice. I called Trang right after leaving our house to make sure they knew how to get there, but Trang informed me that they weren’t going (the USC game was more important to Matt). Oh no, they weren’t getting off that easy. I laid on the guilt like molasses, and Trang conceded that she would bring her mother along for the event. I figured that we wouldn’t be seeing them there. However, much to everyone’s surprise, the whole Chesler brood showed up, Matt, Trang, Brady, and Trang’s mom. Evidently, Trang insisted that Matt attend. He said that if USC scored, then they’d go. Sure enough USC scored seconds later. It turned out that Matt and Mike seemed to have more fun than us. Our babysitter asked that we be home between 9:30 and 10. When it got to be 9 p.m. I told Mike that we better call it a night even though there was still one more round of Bunco to go. He was the one that insisted we stay to finish up the last round, and so we did. It was a fun night that I’m glad Trang and I decided to do:)

I now leave you with the girls’ rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. Broadway, here they come! (Just trying out the video function again on my new P&S.) I love that Google will let me upload my 50MB video so that I don’t have to take up that much space on my own web server.

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