Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

mimi joins the ranks with most other 3 year-olds

Well, she’s finally done it, Mimi now regularly tee tee’s on the potty! Big news, right? It is for us. The trick to finally getting her to do it was to buy a new baby and only give it to her when she went on the potty. The rule was that if she had an accident, then the dolly was taken away. We only needed to do this a few times before Mimi was volunteering her time on the magic bowl and actually going. So Hooray for Mimi! Of course, she’s not even attempted the #2, and that will probably take another few months considering how long it took her to get to this point. Only time will tell.

Annie is having a little bit of a difficult time letting Mimi get the attention during all this excitement. I keep reminding her that we did the same thing for her when she was at the point and that she should be very happy for her little sister. It’s not exactly working, but we just keep at her. Speaking of Annie, she had her spring program at school last Friday night. The theme this year was “Under the Big Top” and Annie was a ribbon-twirling acrobat. We had her all decked out in a leotard, ballet wrap skirt, and ballet slippers. Just the outfit itself was enough to thrill her. Needless to say, she’s been wearing that outfit ever since.

Mimi thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Here’s a video that I think I can share. It’s during Annie’s twirling number. I believe she’s got true talent.

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Below are some pictures from various evenings out with the Cheslers and other couples. Trang was organized enough to always have her camera on hand and was even nicer to give some of the pictures to her photographer friend, who didn’t have a camera during any of those occasions.

First up is a night out at Ben’s Chilli Bowl We met up with the Cheslers in March for a night of chilli dogs and cheese fries. All low fat, of course.

Not sure why that last one is so small (Miss Trang and Brady).

And, how could I not share this one of Annie being so silly.

While Daddy was away, the girls played. We had ourselves a festive evening at [El] Guapo’s (I always like to add the “El” a la “the 3 Amigos”). The girls love Mister Matt and couldn’t get enough of him.

Look at how cute the girls look in the sombrero. It’s as big as they are.

Can you guess what this is?

Give up…it was this. Cool effect, huh?

Now after all those nights of eating out I’m paying for it. I wish I still had that gym membership. I guess I’ll have to keep sweatin’ away to all my workout DVD’s. Although I do have quite an extensive collection now. It may be an obsession.

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