Monday, May 19th, 2008

girls just wanna have fun

After almost a year of planning, re-planning, and nearly not following through we finally got together with my friend, Tricia, and her 2 girls. Only 50 miles separate us, but we couldn’t manage just one little meet-up this whole time…until now! The ladies arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday. We decided to spend Friday shopping and ate at the Silver Diner for dinner (it’s totally a kids’ place). It was a bit stressful for the younglings to be with each other but not really get to play, so all of Saturday morning was their time to run amok and get all their sillies out. Around lunchtime we headed out to Fuddrucker’s and then walked around downtown Silver Spring for a while. As a treat (actually a bribe) we got the girls some cupcakes from Cakelove. They had to behave for a teensy while longer in order to get their cupcakes. We then went to Ikea and let the girls go to the kids’ zone so we could shop for an hour. The last bit of the day was what we had been planning for ages: a photo shoot at the laundromat. The deal was that if they allowed us to take some fun pictures of them, then they could finally get their cupcakes. Boy, did we have such fun and got lots o’ freaky stares in the process, too!! We also did a quick photo shoot on Sunday morning, but I haven’t gotten to those yet. I’ll try to post those tomorrow.

My sweet Mimi.

Annie was so cute.

Thumb wreslting, anyone?

Miss Elena. The girls were in awe of her.

Elissa is bigger than my both my girls even though she’s 1 year younger than Annie and only 7 months older than Mimi.

Had to include this one, too, since it was their bribe:

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