Monday, October 13th, 2008

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I’ve refused to do this in the past, but since family is involved I figured I better do it this time. My lovely sister-in-law Sara was tagged to list her quirks and, in turn, tagged me to list my quirks. Honestly, it took me a while to think of some things because I thought I was fairly easy-going and “normal”. Mike helped me with the first couple; you can probably figure that out.

1. According to Mike, I ask a lot of questions. For instance, if he’s calling someone, I will then ask who’s he’s calling and why. If he’s doing something that has not been given prior approval, then I will ask what he’s doing, why, how, when, where, what, who, etc. I don’t think I’m a controlling person or being jealous or anything like that. I just can’t stand not knowing what’s going on around me. This may be where Annie gets the same awful habit. I believe it’s called curiosity to the nth degree.

2. I tend to overly fuss and obsess over details. Whenever I take on any project it will usually take me forever to complete because I will notice minute elements that aren’t perfect and will work on them until I fix the problem(s). Although Mike says that I tend to fix what’s not broken. A lot.

3. Extending the quirk in #2 about obsessing, I will be consumed by a project or problem and cannot do much of anything else (eat, sleep, take care of my house or children, etc.) until it’s complete or solved. Is this a quirk, or should I just commit myself for having OCD? When I was in college in many of math courses I could rarely skip a problem to work on another. It would drive me insane to not solve a problem. I even started keeping a piece of paper and pen next to my bed in case I would dream about or wake up with the answer to that unanswered question. Nowadays I do this with my web design and craft projects sometimes staying up until all hours of the night until it’s at least nearly complete (shhh, don’t tell Mike about this…thank goodness he can sleep through anything).

4. Anytime I’m sitting/lying on the couch I must have a light blanket, an afghan, if you will, on me. It could be 95 degrees outside, and I will usually at least have my lower body covered. As you can imagine, this absolutely drives Mike insane.

5. This kind of contradicts #4 because I can’t stand to wear socks. I will go as long as I can into the cold season wearing shoes without socks or flip-flops/sandals. When I was younger it was actually a more serious problem. I would have to take my shoes and socks off (even at school). I honestly felt like I was being “suffocated” because I couldn’t move my toes around in my shoes. I am getting better about wearing socks especially around the house when my feet are turning blue from being too cold. I also have 2 pairs of lovely, knitted socks that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law made for me. {Thank you for those, and I swear that I have worn them on numerous occasions.}

6. All of a sudden I realized that a lot of things bother me or things I do, but I’m only allowed to pick 6 things. So I’ll list just one here. My eyes are sensitive to light which means I will usually be wearing sunglasses when outside (even on cloudy and sometimes rainy days), and I don’t like the lighting indoors to be too bright. I will get a headache if the brightness is too much for too long. Unfortunately, I foresee myself in the future as one of those elderly persons who have sunglasses on that cover the top half of their face.

Now it’s my turn to tag 6 (I think) people. Sneaky Sara already got most of my audience. So I choose Denise, Stacy, Maggie, Courtney, Sherdon/Lani, and Janet.

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