Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

stop that thief

Mike has been saying for months that he wants to start baking bread from scratch again. (When we were first married Mike and I baked a few loaves together but quickly lost interest or time.) Sunday was chosen as the day to start this task. The Pillsbury cookbook that Mike’s mom recently gave to us came in handy as Mike picked out a honey wheat bread recipe from it. He was all geared up and excited about the mission. Mike went through all the proper steps and finally pulled the 2 half loaves out of the oven two hours later. However, we were set to leave for church in a few minutes, so Mike set them out to cool off up on a high spot. High enough for Lucy not to reach, right?

Mike and I needed to drive separately in order for Mike to stay late for a meeting after church. The girls and I arrived home at our usual time. I noticed that there was only 1 loaf of bread resting on the cooling spot. I immediately assumed Mike took one of the loaves to give to a friend at church or something. When Mike got home I asked him if that was the case. Mike got a stunned look on his face and ran to where the loaves were. Apparently, Mike did not take any loaves of bread with him, and Lucy was the culprit for the missing loaf. The question that remains is, “HOW THE HECK DID SHE EAT AN ENTIRE LOAF OF BREAD BY HERSELF?” What a flippin’ pig! I had even fed her dinner before Mike got home, and she ate it as if she had been starving (her usual way).

Look at how Lucy looks so guilty and remorseful.

The minute she thinks I’m gone she gets this look of victory in her eyes. The nerve.

Here’s the lone loaf. It’s half-eaten because it accompanied dinner last night. So yummy with our apple jelly.

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