Thursday, February 5th, 2009

she’s really 4!

Yesterday was the birthday of our now 4-year-old. We were trying to wait until Friday to really celebrate since we’ll have family coming into town. However, Mimi got constant reminders from her big sister and had also received a birthday card the night before. Mimi emerged from her bedroom yesterday morning declaring, “I turned 4 today!” and has been telling anyone who listen to her. So there was no avoiding having some kind of commemoration for her special day. We decided to go out and get some pizza for dinner. Afterward we headed over to Target to purchase a new bike for Mimi. The Dora bike she’s been riding has a flat tire that can’t be repaired due to Daddy running over it last summer. Mimi doesn’t seem to mind, but it’s also quite small for her. We determined that her 4th birthday would be a good time to upgrade. Unfortunately, it’s too dang cold outside for her to enjoy it officially, but she can admire it in the box for the next couple of months.

Grandma and Grandpa Indiana sent gifts, too. Once we got home from our evening out Mimi opened all those presents. She was quite surprised to receive them since I left them in the delivery boxes until opening time.

Grandpa stuck with the princess theme (a hint I gave him). Mimi was pleased.

Grandma also had the princess theme in mind with a cute art set with the Disney Princess theme.

But she also remembered how much Mimi loves babies. Mimi got another baby from our neighbor, too. This was actually good because then Annie and Mimi each have a new baby to play with; Mimi was obliged to share with her big sister.

Annie was very excited for her little sister. She’s such a good big sister.

On Friday we’re going to have cake to officially celebrate Mimi turning 4. Of course, I’ll post pictures of it and of us eating it. Grandma Minnesota, Auntie Sara, and cousins Hayley and Matt will also be here with us to celebrate.

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