Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

gone and back and sick again

Sorry the sabbatical this past week. Mike was out of town, sick kids, and I had a special project that needed to get done by Friday which I’ll post about tomorrow.

Mike decided he loved Orlando so much that he went back a second time in the same month. Actually, he had an endodontics conference to attend and went from Tuesday through Saturday. Mike made it home safely, and there are no more catastrophes to report such as broken limbs.

Luck never seems to be on my side though when Mike goes away for any length of time because the girls and I all ended up sick. Annie was the first victim and puked all over my freshly made and laundered bed. I kept her home from school that day, but she insisted on going back the next day since she had only horked the one time and had no fever. However, the school called me around 1:00 p.m. to say Annie was having digestive issues all day and should probably come home. It was on that same day that Mimi was complaining of a belly ache and asked to take a nap after declining lunch which is so unlike her to turn down a meal. Fortunately, the only issues that each child had was a little bit of the runs until the next day, but they both were still out of sorts physically. Everyone is back to normal now except that I do have some kind of sniffly and sneezy thing going on.

I never posted pictures from Mike’s trip to Miami (or the trip which left me with a broken foot), so I figured now is as good a time as any. His buddy Matt was there with him, so they hung out the whole time together. It sounds like they did very little in the way of work.

I was so jealous when I found out that the guys got to go to to Joe’s Stone Crabs and eat stone crabs for dinner. In recent years I have found out that I’m allergic to them, and they make me quite sick. I sued to just eat them anyway, but Mike said I shouldn’t anymore because I could actually die:(

This is what excites Mike, finding an abandoned Tab can.

I hope don’t offend anyone with this picture. Mike was intrigued by how much more endowed the Miami mannequins are than the midwestern mannequins.

Here is Matt preparing to give his presentation. I asked Mike why there aren’t any pictures of him giving his presentation, and he said that Matt has some on his camera. I asked if it would’ve made more sense to trade cameras during presentation time…hmmm.

And finally here are Mike and Matt together on the beach. My guess is that they did a lot of frolicking and hand holding.

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