Friday, June 5th, 2009

my special day

It was my birthday yesterday. Thanks to all those who either called, mailed, emailed, or facebooked birthday wishes (or cards or presents) to me. Those things really do brighten a Wisconsin girl’s day:) As is our family tradition, we don’t go all out for birthdays or holidays around here. Mike and I tend to be impulsive if we want new things and can never wait until a birthday or holiday to receive those coveted items. Of course, we put together a little something for the girls, but Mike and I usually just go out somewhere nice to eat for our birthdays.

Mike didn’t disappoint last night. His thoughtfulness was quite apparent when he chose a dining establishment for me to celebrate my special day. Upon arrival from work Mike insisted that we had to leave the house by 6pm. I asked where we were going, and he tried to convince me it was McDonald’s. Silly boy! We got in the car a little before 6pm and drove through miles and miles of country, farmland, and back woods. I kept inquiring about our location, but Mike played coy and declared that he didn’t know where we were going and that we’ll just pick a place once we see something decent. After what seemed like forever we arrived at Johnny’s Chophouse in Antioch, IL. I can tell Mike put a lot of thought into his choice because it serves a fine selection of seafood which is my favorite. I quickly decided on lobster for my entree and was completely satisfied (almost too much). For dessert the girls and I shared a chocolate, lava cake with vanilla ice-cream. Mike couldn’t resist the bread pudding. We were all so stuffed by the end of the meal that even Annie was complaining that her belly ached (she’s fine though). Thank you to my beloved husband, Mike, for such a wonderful meal! The only complaint that Mike and I had about the restaurant was the constant Frank Sinatra music in the background. One or two songs from the crooner is tolerable, but all Frank all the time is a bit too much. We figured out that Johnny’s had it set to “Siriusly Sinatra” which is a satellite station dedicated to you know who. Pardon me if I offend anyone who loves Frank, but he just ain’t my thang.

There will be cake tonight. Mike baked it the other night and will frost it with the girls tonight. Shhh, don’t tell the girls that I know because they think it’s a surprise for me. Annie was so confused last night when we didn’t have the cake and kept asking (even this morning) when we were going to celebrate my birthday. She couldn’t believe just going out to dinner would be the only observance of my birth.

I have a hard time posting without pictures. Since we didn’t take any pictures from my birthday festivities, I thought I’d post pictures from last weekend when Mike and a couple of boy scouts pulled the engine out of the jeep.

Having trouble at first.

Almost out.

Look at that progress. Now what are you supposed to do with it?

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