Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

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I used to pride myself on how I had a husband who was not that interested in sports which meant he was unlikely to want to sit to down watch a game of any sport on t.v. Yes, we do attend the occasional Super Bowl party or will go to friends’ homes to “watch” a certain football game, but Mike and I really don’t get involved. This all changed today. One of Mike’s loyal friends called to inform him that the Foosball Masters Tournament was being televised on the Versus channel. I have to admit that I had never heard of this channel before and was equally dumbfounded to discover that we have this channel. Mike intended to go out to do some yard work this afternoon. Instead here he is watching “the game” on t.v. and forgoing all other responsibilities.

In other news, this weekend we finally started on one of our outdoor goals of re-doing the front landscaping at our house. The previous owners let it go by the wayside, and most of the foliage is either dead or dying or just plain ugly. The former homeowners also decided to plant a spruce tree about 2 feet away from a corner of our house. Go figure that it started growing into the house. Didn’t anyone warn them that those things get really big or where was their commonsense?

Here is Mike in the process of cutting it down.

TIMBER!! And good riddance.

Unfortunately, sacrifices had to be made when the tree was cut down. Let us mourn these poor, unborn baby robins:( Let’s be honest though, Lucy would have eaten them the first chance she got. That’s what she did last year this time.

Mike also decided to put the dutch oven to use. No, he didn’t trap me under the covers after he farted. Not this time anyway. He actually cooked something in the dutch oven. Two things actually. Friday night we had some chicken, rice, cream of mushroom soup concoction for dinner. On Saturday morning Mike made us peach cobbler for breakfast. Both dishes we very tasty and filling.

Here’s a look at the peach cobbler, half eaten.

I will say that cooking in the dutch oven takes a long time and is a lot of clean-up and maintenance afterward.

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