Sunday, June 21st, 2009

just zoo it!

The Jake Hawley Crew came out for a quick visit this weekend. As part of their time here they wanted to hit up the Milwaukee Zoo. Mike was actually back in Minnesota running the Grandma’s Marathon, so it was just me and the girls here. We met up with them at the zoo yesterday. The girls and I hadn’t had the opportunity to see the zoo yet, so we were very excited about the adventure. The Milwaukee Zoo is actually a nicely equipped zoo, and Jake even commented that he thought it was better than the Minneapolis Zoo. After zoo time we headed back to our house. Jake, Stephanie, and Dylan had plans to attend a Phish concert nearby, so the girls and I got to hang out with Maya for the evening. Maya is finally at that age where she loves playing with other kids, so all 3 girls stayed busy until bedtime. The kids got to scamper about with each other for a couple of hours this morning as well. It was a nice visit, and I’m glad we had Jake and Stephanie on our turf. Have a look-see at a few zoo pictures.

Look at how close this cheetah got to us. I’m sure all he was thinking was, “SNACKTIME!”

Doesn’t he look cute enough to cuddle with?

Fierce leopard (he’s actually yawning).

Peacock in a tree. The peacocks were free to roam around the park.

This peacock felt compelled to show off his plumage to the concrete wall.

The kids got along so well with each other. Mimi hasn’t stopped talking about Dylan since he left.

We had our own little zoo in the backyard this afternoon. Mike spotted this garter snake while out in the yard and demanded that we all come outside to see him even though I had just put the girls down for their nap. He’s actually pretty long–about 2 feet. Annie declared, “He thinks he’s famous!”

While Jake and Stephanie were here we had the girls sleep in their sleeping bags on our bedroom floor. The girls love doing that so much, and they asked if they could nap in them today. Of course, I had to put them in separate rooms or else it would have been party time for the girls. Each girl had their lovey sleep in a sleeping bag as well (the storage bags for the sleeping bags). Mimi has her horsy, and Annie has her red bear.

The dog sometimes naps in with Mimi and sleeps under her bunk bed.

Mike has a new toy. An AR-15. He bought the various parts and then put it together himself. He’s very proud of it. Not sure why he needs such a scary-looking gun, but he apparently has a bunch of buddies that are also fairly new owners of the same gun. Peer pressure, I suppose.

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