Thursday, July 30th, 2009

last days of summer

The past week and weekend were super busy. We’ve been taking advantage of the warm, summer days with lots of activity. The girls and I met up with some other moms and kids for a day at the beach. Instead of the usual lake beach that we’ve been going to, we headed to Lake Michigan. Downtown Kenosha has a few beach access sites. The one we went to also had a playground that the kids just loved. They especially enjoyed the tire swing.

Despite numerous jaw drops and looks of disbelief we participated in the Pioneer Day camp out that our church ward organized. Many people were surprised that I would want to camp out while being 8 months pregnant. I gotta say though that I’m pretty much uncomfortable no matter where I sleep, so it doesn’t make a difference if it’s in a tent on an air mattress or on my bed at home. Mike was all gung ho about dutch oven cooking and prepared the main dish (chicken/rice casserole), breakfast (biscuits and gravy) and a peach/raspberry pie for the men’s pie contest the next day at the Pioneer Picnic. Another family also brought along their dutch ovens and made baked beans and peach dumplings. It was all very delicious. There were plenty of kids for the girls to play with. They frolicked well into the night and again the next morning. I was kind of lazy and only took one picture from our weekend of Mike and the girls taking down the tent. We did have a good time though.

To make our weekend even busier, we also attended the Roma Lodge Italian Festival with our neighbors. Apparently, the festival takes place in downtown Racine each year and has quite a turnout. It was good eats, but our attendance on the last day meant that many of the food booths were out of their food. We missed out on a lot of tasty chow. The girls weren’t complaining though because they had an unlimited wristband for riding the Titanic Slide. Annie was afraid at first to go down the 30 foot slide and even declared after a few rides down that that was her last ride. Eventually she got over her fears and both girls slid over and over and over for over an hour.

And lastly, Mike wanted me to capture a video of Annie hula hooping. She’s gotten really good.

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