Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

boundary waters

As promised yesterday, this post will be about Mike’s trip with the scouts to the Boundary Waters last week. This trip was a big one in the making. Mike and his fellow scout leader, Seth, spent months preparing, purchasing, and practicing for the adventure. The past couple of months seemed like the guys were doing something in preparation every single night. Julie, Seth’s wife, and I were skeptical about all the food that they dehydrated. Seeing a large jar of spaghetti sauce reduced to what looked like fruit roll-ups had us wondering how they were going to get it back to spaghetti sauce again. Supposedly, everything turned out just fine and edible when needed.

The guys left Sunday morning at the crack of dawn and stayed at a lodge the first night. Monday morning they started off bright and early for their canoeing trek. For those of you who have never heard of the Boundary Waters, it’s a wilderness area up in northeastern Minnesota situated along Lake Superior. The way visitors maneuver through the area is by canoeing between campsites. The trip is hard work and takes a lot of practicing before-hand to be ready. The guys planned their trip for 5 days in the wilderness. From the news I’ve gotten everyone had a great time and got to fish, swim, and got LOTS of exercise.

Many people were shocked that I would let Mike make a trip to an area without phone access for a whole week so close to my due date. However, people have to understand that this trip was planned before we even knew I was pregnant. Like I said yesterday, the week was uneventful for the girls and me which was the way I wanted it. Mike returned this past Saturday night safe and sound. The girls were still awake, and they were so happy to see their daddy again. Mike hadn’t bathed since before the trip, so I encouraged him to do that immediately and to take his time and maybe do it a few times.

I won’t post many pictures since the ones Mike took were mostly of the boys, but someone did get one of Mike with a fish he caught.

Here are a couple of the other leaders who attended. Seth is in back.

A look at the open area.

Mike did shoot this video of one of the boys cliff diving. I figured since there isn’t anyone recognizable in the clip that it would be okay to post.

While the guys were away the girls and I got together with Julie and Katelin often throughout the week (Katelin’s husband was out of town for work all week). We also decided to each take on a night to make dinner for everyone. What a relief to not have to cook for at least 2 nights and to have the kids all have each other to play with while us ladies chatted away. A wonderful woman from church also brought us a dinner one night which gave me another night off from cooking. Thanks, LeShel, for such a sweet a gesture!

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