Sunday, August 30th, 2009

i heart violet

So I attempted to do a photo shoot with Violet. I’m always lecturing parents who’ve booked newborn shoots with me to have the pictures taken at about 7-10 days old. I barely took my own advice and did Violet’s on day 10, and I sooo missed the opportunity of having a comatose baby. On day 10 Violet was awake during most of the photo shoot and the slightest touch made her wide awake and/or unwilling to look like a snuggly newborn. I did manage to get a few cute photos, but I had such high hopes during my pregnancy to finally get those newborn shots that I’ve dreamed of having of my babies. One other drawback to waiting so long to photograph Violet is that she is packing on the pounds (or ounces). Her face is so much more filled out than after her first few days home. She went in for her 2 week check-up on Friday, and she’s already gained a pound onto her birth weight (that’s 9 pounds now) and grew almost 2 inches. Slow down, Violet!

One of the first shots I took. Violet does not enjoy being swaddled and worked very hard to get herself out of this prison.

I finally got her to sleep a little, but I couldn’t position her or get the blanket the way I wanted without waking her up each time.

I’ve always wanted to try the pose where the baby lays her head on her folded arms. It’s not nearly as easy as it looks, and I certainly didn’t get the intended outcome. But check out that dimple. Swoon!

Couldn’t resist doing the furniture shots.

She finally fell asleep right about the time I was ready to give up and when the big sisters were starting to demand my attention. Grrr!

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