Thursday, November 5th, 2009

wishing upon a bone

Last Saturday Mike went out “hunting” pheasants with Seth. They came home with 5 birds. Mike and Seth decided we should have a pheasant feast on Sunday night. They made pheasant poppers and pheasant noodle soup while Julie and I chatted away (I did make crescent rolls). It was a nice evening with the Johnsons. At the end of the dinner date the kids and men broke the wishbones.

All lined up and ready to get broken.

Alyssa and Annie are first up, and Alyssa gets the biggest piece. Annie was a bit sad and kept saying, “I never win the wishes!”

Mike wins the wish.

Feast your eyes on Mike’s 3rd gargantuan fish full of eggs. Annie was the photographer this time, and she took a picture of Mimi, too.

We’ve all been sick again. Mike missed half a day on Tuesday from work and is actually at the doctor right now getting a throat culture. The doc suspects swine flu and told him he has to go home today and take tomorrow off, too. Mimi and I don’t feel as rotten as Mike, but we have quite a nasty cough. I felt pretty icky yesterday but am feeling better today. I just pray that Violet doesn’t fall ill.

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