Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

barfy mcbarfus

Yesterday brought on some real drama. It all started with Mimi telling me she was struggling with going #2. I could hear her working so hard to get things moving, but she wasn’t having any success. It was right around lunchtime, so I told her to just try to eat and that it might help soften things up down there. I gave her oranges and water as well in hopes of doing just that. She took a few bites but soon made her way back to the bathroom to do another grunting session with no success. All of a sudden she came out to the living room and leaned onto the leather ottoman and proceeded to barf up what seemed like 2 days of meals. Apparently, she was confusing the feeling she was having in her belly with needing to go #2. Thinking back I realized that Mimi has never really been sick to her stomach, so it must have been a completely new feeling for her. Poor thing!

I was hoping that maybe she just ate some bad food and that this would be the only vomiting with which I’d have to deal. Boy, was I wrong. I won’t go into any gross details, but let’s just say that 3 loads of laundry later and a lot of hand sanitizing/washing made for an exhausting day yesterday and all of last night. The good news though is that Mimi is back to her old self today and ate breakfast with the same gusto as usual. Now let’s just pray and keep our fingers crossed that the rest of the household won’t get pukey:\

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