Thursday, February 11th, 2010

i say, anyone for hives?

The author of a blog I keep up with from time-to-time recently found herself dreadfully plagued by head-to-toe hives. My heart reached out to this poor woman because I can somewhat relate to what she’s been going through, although not as nearly as awful as her. During my college and teaching days, a span of about 3-4 years, I was suddenly afflicted with a case of hives all over my body. After a few weeks of dealing with them and not seeing any signs of them going away I finally went to the doctor who promptly prescribed me Allegra, an anti-histamine, to take daily. It was a miracle because the hives disappeared within a couple of days. I had no idea what caused the hives, but the Allegra sure did the trick. One day I foolishly thought it’d be okay to stop my daily doses of anti-histamine medication and found myself with head-to-toes hives again. Back onto the medication I went. I took that stuff daily for about 3 to 4 years with periodic and unsuccessful cold turkey experiments, but I finally found I could stop taking the pills. I never really did find out for certain what caused the hives, but I’m pretty sure it was the laundry detergent I had been using. (Now I’m a Tide girl, through and through.) The reason I think this is because there have been a few instances where I did laundry at other people’s homes and used a non-Tide brand and later found myself itchy all over. This happened as recently as last April after visiting the Smiths (sorry for calling you out, Jenni) and was suffering itchy spells for a couple of days when I finally realized that I was wearing clothes that had been washed in Gain (I think) while at Jenni’s house. If I discover the mishap early enough and rewash those clothes, then I can usually avoid ever getting hives and cure the itchy spells.

Anyway, what is the point of this post, you ask? Evidently, I am being oppressed by hives. Again! After not having hives in over 8 years! I can’t help but wonder if these are sympathy hives for the unfortunate woman I mentioned earlier to remind me physically what she is going through. Why now? What did I eat, use, breathe in, absorb, or touch to cause these awful and itchy welts?!!!? After a few days they seem to only be getting worse. Ugh! Now what? I thought I’d snap a few pictures just to give you an idea of what I’m dealing with.

On my arms. Let me tell, it’s really quite difficult to snap close-ups of your own limbs.

On my stomach.

On my legs.

I have hives on my back, too, but tell me how in the world does someone takes a picture of their own back?

To brighten up this post, I’ll leave you with a recent pic of Mike with the girls.

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