Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

wisconsin dells, version 2010

Making it a yearly tradition we decided to head up to the Wisconsin Dells again. It wasn’t quite as a full house as last year since only one other family, the Johnsons, could attend with us. That certainly didn’t stop us from making a lot of waves. We daftly thought that by attending on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday that we would avoid the crowds that we had to deal with last year on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Such was not the case as it seemed doubly busy each day we were there, but fun was still had by everyone. The same park, the Wilderness Territory, had the best deal again this year, so that’s where we stayed. It really does have the most to offer in the way of indoor water fun and lodging, and there were no complaints from any of us. I don’t have any pictures of our water time yet because I was lazy and left it up to the Johnsons to bring their camera and take all the pictures. I do have one picture from the Dells to offer, and I think it was totally worth it just to see how Violet looks in a flapper and happy to be posing on a car and holding dynamite. Annie and Mimi were so thrilled, too, to get “fancy” dresses and necklaces and feather headbands. Daddy was just pleased that each of his girls got to hold deadly weapons. I’ll post more pictures from the Dells once I con the Johnsons into giving us the pictures on a disc (hint, hint, Julie).

In other news, Violet is pretty much able to sit up on her own now. I quickly snapped these pictures of her, and then she planted herself on her face not 10 seconds later. Guess I jumped the gun and should’ve also placed pillows in front of her as well. She is competent in that area most of the time though.

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