Friday, April 30th, 2010

tongue twister

I love my ViVi! It’s not possible that she’s already 8 1/2 months old. Sniff, sniff; her baby time is slipping away much too quickly. I had her in the crib the other day playing while I was sewing (or attempting to, anyway), and I looked over to find Violet nearly standing with assistance from the railing. She’s very close to crawling but is a pro at sitting up and moving herself all over the place via her belly and backwards pushing.

Those eyes could melt anyone’s heart. She is destined to bring about world peace with just a stare.

That tongue! Mike and I have attempted some of her tongue tricks and are left tongue twisted.

Vi has shown a little shyness lately. Mimi did, too, and it tricked everyone into thinking she was this sweet and timid little girl. Boy, did she fool everyone. I wonder if Vi pulling the same wool over everyone’s eyes.

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