Monday, May 24th, 2010

first bike ride

Finally! We had an awesome weekend full of SUN and WARMTH. The girls spent just about every waking moment outside with friends, and Mike was happy to just tinker with the garden all weekend. As a way to take advantage of the nice weather (especially before it disappears again) we went on a family bike ride. It’s the first for the season, and the first bike ride ever for Violet. She was pretty meh about the whole experience, but she looked like she had a nice time. We took to the bike trail and rode a total of about 4 miles. The girls both crashed, but they managed to ride back without much drama or tears. Mimi was promised a band-aid once we got home, so that was enough to curb her turmoil. Annie put one of Violet’s leg warmers on her arm to look like a cast, and that satisfied her need for the dramatics. All is good.

Gettin’ ready for the ride. As you can see Mimi has a hard time bottling up her excitement.


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