Friday, July 9th, 2010

summer trip 2010 – south dakota bits

For our big vacation this summer we traveled to Watertown, South Dakota for almost a week and then to Utah for another week. Watertown, SD is the town in which Mike wants to set up practice after he’s done with the Navy. He thought this summer would be a good opportunity to start fact-finding and getting to know the town we will one day call home. Our friends, the Arnolds, already live there and so graciously opened their home to us. They have the cutest boathouse, and it made great accommodations for us.

The boathouse.

While there Ryan and Shannon organized an event through the local dental association for Mike to meet up with some of the other dentists in town. It was a great chance to get to know some of the dentists and their families. We are ever so grateful for that opportunity. That night was also our first night away from Violet. I was so worried that she would insist in nursing and give the babysitter a rough time, but she actually did great and went to bed with no issues.

The other days in SD were spent fishing, swimming, throwing sticks in the water so that Bowser the Labrador would jump off the dock to fetch them, boating, and tubing (the Arnolds have their own dock and boat). Mike had to bribe (or force) the girls to jump off the dock into the water. Once they did it though they loved it. Ryan acquired a golf cart through clever means, and we got a little ride on it which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

It was a wonderful time. We can’t thank the Arnolds enough for their generosity and the time they put into organizing the meet-and-greet for us. Thanks so much! We headed even further west on Sunday and made to Lusk, Wyoming that evening early enough for dinner and swimming in town. The next morning we made our final trek to Utah. Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of our trip:)

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