Thursday, July 29th, 2010

outbowled by a toddler, jousting, and mr. caterpillar

There has been so much on our agenda lately that I’ve still got stuff from last week to post about.

A neighbor told me about how the local bowling alley was offering a “kids’ club” which basically allows kids to bowl on weekdays for free. I’ll tell ya, this is a brilliant marketing tactic on the bowling alley’s part because the place was packed with kids and adults all bowling with a waiting list for lanes. I wanted to try out the deal at least once this summer, so I invited the Johnson kids to tag along with us. It was actually a nice break from the high heat we’ve been getting this year. The kids had a blast, and we may just have to go again before the summer is all gone.

The girls each tried bowling with and without the ramp. Annie gave in and bowled with the ramp most of the time, but Mimi kept up her endurance and bowled without the ramp the entire 2 games. And don’t ya just love Annie’s crazy outfit. I’ve long since given up on assisting them with their outfit choices this summer? At the end of the game the “winner” was Chloe the 2-year-old wonder bowler with a score over 100. Granted, none of the kids were actually bowling, or really paying attention, and the bumpers were up.

Violet was content to sit and watch and eat a whole bag of Cheez-Its all by herself.

Mike’s work had a family picnic the week before, and they had some fun activities for the kids including a bouncy house, an obstacle course, and jousting. I think the jousting was actually intended for older kids and adults, but we let our girls give it a go. It was funny watching them because they were barely strong enough to hold up the jousts and couldn’t even reach other. Oh well, at least the girls got a chance to try it out. In the 3rd picture it looks like Annie knocked Mimi’s joust out of her hand, but it was actually just Mimi dropping it on her own after tiring out. And, I must say check out that beautiful sky. You gotta love the midwest because we never saw skies like that in D.C. or even in N.C. or S.C. Gorgeous!

And in other news, we have a possibly permanent houseguest living on our tomato plants. Mike discovered this little guy during one of his incessant pruning sessions. At first he was just as excited as the girls were to have a new friend. I gently interjected that he may want to move the little fella to another home so as to not ruin his prized cherry tomatoes. I was dismissed. The next day Mike griped that his “friend” had taken a bite out of almost every single tomato on that plant. I had nothing to say. Mike did find what kind of caterpillar it is, some sort of moth, but I can’t remember or find it. If you have happen to know, then please feel free to offer that information. I’ll add it once I talk to Mike again. ETA: The caterpillar is a Waved sphinx caterpillar – Ceratomia undulosa and will look like this when he/she becomes a moth:

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