Friday, September 17th, 2010

look who’s walking!

Violet took her time getting to this point, but she is finally gaining the confidence to voluntarily walk on her own. She is definitely proud of herself. So are her big sisters who have been “training” her for weeks. Annie and Mimi have been relentless with her, and Violet only retreated to her professional crawling skills. Now that the girls are in school and not bugging her constantly about it Vi finally decided it was time and made sure to let everyone know it was completely her own choice. Do we have a headstrong, little lady in our future?


In other news, Violet enjoys a nice ride.

In other, other news, I think sometimes Sadie wishes to be the baby in the family. She got busted lounging in the exersaucer yesterday, and a few weeks ago I caught her sleeping in Violet’s crib. For shame!

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