Friday, January 21st, 2011

chillin’ in vermillion

Bad title, I know. As mentioned in the previous post, we went on a little trip this weekend to visit our friends, the Knutsons, in Vermillion, SD. Mike went to dental school with Matt, and they’ve been hunting buddies ever since. Vermillion is only a couple of hours away from Watertown, our future residence, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of the Knutsons soon. Mike and Matt spent all day on Saturday cutting down trees and hunting while Jenny, the kids, and I went bowling. Saturday night is when Violet became ill, so Sunday for Violet and me was spent laying on the couch covered in lots of towels. The others went to a nearby town to hopefully go ice-skating, but the ice rink was being used for a hockey game. I’m sure the kids were just glad to hang out with each for the whole day. The Knutsons took great care of us with wonderful meals and comfy beds, and we had a ton of fun (even though half of the time was dealing with a pukey kid). Thanks to them for welcoming us into their home.

Bowling day. The oldest son had a birthday party at the bowling alley, so he was off with his group while we bowled. The middle son went on an overnight trip with his grandma, so it was just the youngest son and my girls bowling. They had a lot of fun though. Annie and Mimi were very strict about making sure each person took their turn immediately, and they loved helping little Emmett when it was his turn each time. Violet was content to just wander around with some stuffed kangaroos.

The girls remembered from our last trip to Vermillion that the Knutsons have an indoor trampoline. They were giddy with excitement on our drive thinking of jumping on the trampoline again. Violet loved getting her turn, too, even though it meant she could only lay in the middle. Poor Wyatt wasn’t allowed to jump on the trampoline while Violet was up there, so he waited patiently on the sidelines.

While I was dealing with the sick Violet Mimi disappeared for a while by herself. She called out to me at one point to ask me how to spell “like”. A little bit later she asked to me come see what she had done. Mimi was quite proud to reveal to me the sentence she wrote all by herself. She really can be such a doll at times.

And sick, little Violet has spent most of this week doing this. Update on Violet: she still has faucet bottom but is regaining her appetite and energy.

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