Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

16 JANUARY 2007

The girls are continuing to grow and crack me up. Annie knows her left from her right and is showing much interest in being a much older person. She asked Mike for a car and a gun the other day (after Mike went to the shooting range). Annie continually asks me when she can have a bra (!). Should we be worried? She is a good girl though and is starting to be more helpful with Mimi. Singing at the top of her lungs is her favorite pasttime, especially in restaurants. Annie’s also intrigued by time and inquires the current time on a regular basis.

Mimi talks a mile a minute these days. Yesterday while preparing to play a DVD movie, Cinderalla, Annie asked if she could see the picture on the DVD. Seeing as Mimi has to do everything Annie does, she asked to do the same. After seeing the picture, she said, “It’s so pretty!” in her husky voice. She tells Daddy to “Git up!” whenever he sits in a chair. Mimi is more coordinated than in recent months. She can go up and down the stairs unassisted while standing up. We love her so!

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