Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

05 JUNE 2007

At the beginning of the day there really weren’t any plans for my birthday. I just knew I wasn’t going to cook anything. Mike pretty much understood that he was going to take me somewhere for dinner. It was decided that we would go to Captain Jerry’s Crab House. The reason for this decision was because we needed to go to Lowe’s which was nearby. Mike had invited the Chesler’s, too (not to go to Lowe’s but for dinner–they were certainly welcome to accompany us though). The Maryland crabs and several sides that we ordered were super yummy; even the girls enjoyed every bite. On the way out of the restaurant I realized a bathroom break was in order. Upon exiting the establishment I was told that Mr. Matt and Miss Trang were calling it a night. Considering the fact that it was already 8:30 p.m. (a half hour after the girls’ bedtime), it was probably a good idea. Mike also informed me it was too late to stop at Lowe’s. I tried to object, but I soon realized he was right. Annie fell asleep on the way home but not without asking for cake for Mommy’s birthday at least a dozen times. We got home and immediately headed upstairs to get the girls ready for bed. Annie had thrown herself on the floor in the kitchen screaming for cake, so I went ahead into the bathroom to brush Mimi’s teeth. After awhile and with me yelling for Annie to hightail it into the bathroom, Annie finally made her appearance. Again, she made several demands for cake. At first I loudly told her that we had no cake, but then changed my method to try to explain to her that sometimes mommies don’t get cake for their birthdays. All of a sudden, I heard, “SURPRISE!” I looked out the door to discover Mr. Matt and Miss Trang carrying a birthday cake for me. They absolutely caught me by surprse. Those sneaky people made a pit stop at Coldstone Creamery to pick up one of their fabulous ice cream cakes. It was a red velvet cake with raspberry filling, chocolate ice cream, and fudge icing; ’twas the perfect cake, really. We each enjoyed a piece, and the girls made a huge mess. Mimi sat on Trang’s despite me warning her that it could get messy. So it turned out to be quite the fun-filled birthday for me. I really couldn’t ask for anything better. Thanks to Mr. Matt and Miss Trang for the wonderful surprise. And thanks to Mike for making sure I had a great birthday. You can check out other pictures from our cake-eating affair on the memories page under “Jen’s Birthday – 2007

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