Monday, June 11th, 2007

11 JUNE 2007

This past week was quite busy, so no new pictures or anything. I’ll try to get an update to you shortly. Oh, one thing to report. Apparently, Annie has people that live in her stomach, Timmy, Elise, and Arden, maybe more (funny how they have the same names as her classmates). They are the ones who tell her when she’s hungry or when to go potty. Two doors make it possible for the people to enter and exit, the big one is on her chest in the sternum and the other, smaller door is behind her knee. The strangest part of this story is that I think Annie’s been developing these people since she first became potty-trained. She used to tell me that her poops in the potty were off to go eat breakfast or lunch. Usually a farewell was necessary, “Bye, bye, potties. See you later!”

Ok, I discovered a new, favorite song, but I can’t find it anywhere to buy. I did, however, find the video on You Tube. I’m embedding here, so I can listen to it whenever I want (of course, you can, too). The song is “Hello Benjamin” by Melpo Mene (I think they’re Swedish; why am I finding myself loving all things Swedish: antique furnishings (via Klaradal in Olney, MD), Peter Bjorn and John, and now this). If you happen to find where I can download the song, please do tell. ETA: I did finally find the download. Hooray, now it’s on my iPod.

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