Saturday, October 6th, 2007

06 OCTOBER 2007

Anyone who has kids can surely relate to this. The man sings my exact routine with the girls each night, and I thought I was the only one going through this (::wink::). And to think he worded it to Pachelbel’s Canon.

In other news: Mimi decided she wanted to sleep in Annie’s bed today during naptime. When I went to get her after she woke up she was in her crib?!? Does this mean she’s not ready for the big, girl bed? Fortunately, for Mimi, I’ve been putting off the official bed search. It amazes me at times how different she is from Annie. Annie was/is determined to learn/do new stuff all the time. Mimi, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have that same fortitude. At times, I do worry, but then I have to tell myself that Mimi is just a different person and is an incredible, magnificent, wonderful, spectacular, terrific kid in her own way.

Today the girls and I went to Moe’s Southwest Grille since Mike has been attending a conference in Baltimore since yesterday and will continue to do so until tomorrow afternoon. They closed down the one closest to us in College Park and re-opened next to Ikea in a new shopping center next door. It was a total fluke that we attended their grand opening, but we lucked out. The girls were asked to have their picture taken with the man dressed up as an Indian (?) who was making balloons animals. Supposedly, the picture will be in a newspaper (or a newsletter–I couldn’t really understand the photographer). In return for their cooperation, the girls were gifted with Mexican, turtle bobble-heads {picture courtesy of some seller on eBay}. Annie chose a pink one and Mimi a blue. On the way home Annie declared that her turtle would be called Fancy Nancy. If you have never heard of Fancy Nancy, she’s a character in a series of children books who loves to be fancy and adores anything French. They really are some cute books with sparkles and spunk. Grandma Minnesota got Annie 2 of the books when we visited her this summer. In one of the books Fancy Nancy decides that her family is lacking in fanciness and offers a seminar on how to be fancy. The other day Annie asked me if I would attend her class on being fancy. Does this mean that I’m not fancy or that Annie sees something devoid in my style :(?

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