Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

10 OCTOBER 2007

This weekend was fun-filled for us Hawleys. On Sunday (I know, it’s supposed to be a day of rest) we went on a bike tour to the Anacostia River. I was reluctant to go, but Mike insisted. I’m glad he did because it really was nice to get out and do something different. The trailer was hooked to Mike’s bike this time, so my thighs weren’t on fire two minutes into the trip. Mike clocked us at traveling around 10 miles. Go us! On Monday we headed down to Annapolis for the day. Our first stop was at the Naval Academy. I suggested we check out the gift shop. We were glad we did because we got the girls the cutest visors that they wore all day. (Mimi wore her’s again today–she’s very attached.) The rest of the day was spent strolling around downtown Annapolis peeking through shops, eating lunch, enjoying the boats, and devouring ice-cream. We had dinner plans at the Parks’ home (a new classmate of Mike). However, we lost track of time, so we had to go straight from Annapolis to their house. The girls were pooped (oops, Mommy said a naughty word…as Annie would make sure to tell me) and took a quick nap on the drive over. I’m glad we finally took the time to check out Annapolis. We’ve had lots o’ people tell us what a neat place it is, and it is. Have a look at the pictures we took on the girls’ page under “October 2007“.

While I was making the girls’ October album I realized that I’ve been remiss in putting any galleries for the girls since May. So I went ahead and put together an album for each month that has been missing. I must warn you that many of the pictures are repeats from some of the memories galleries–there are a couple of new ones here and there. Mainly, having the galleries are just a formality and record of my girlies for each month:) If you’re interested, then go check out the girls’ page to see all the new months.

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