Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

oh, christmas tree

Once again, we visited the Washington D.C. Temple for the wonderful Christmas light display and the musical performance. The evening we chose featured a bell choir. The music was delightful. It was quite interesting to see all those bells and the different ways they were played. Somehow I ended up sitting with both girls with Mike about 10 seats away. Halfway through the concert Mimi brought me to my limits and was sent down to Daddy. That child cannot sit still for more than a nanosecond. We met up for pizza at Mama Lucia’s beforehand with six other families. However, the restaurant only fits about 10 people in its entirety. Let’s just say it was a tight squeeze, but we had good eats and lots to chat about. I really wish we could’ve gone to the temple a few more times to see the different musical concerts.

Next up was our visit to the National Christmas Tree. The Parks, Cooks, and we stopped for dinner at Potbelly first, then walked over to see the massive evergreen decked out with bows. An interesting feature set up around the tree were Christmas trees to represent each state. My idea of having everyone in our family pose next to the state of their birth was nixed by Mike. What a stick in the mud! There was also a lifesize nativity scene, and huge fire pit (it was actually very cold that night). So now we can check off another thing to do while we live here. Oh, I almost forgot, I put together an album of pictures from these outings. Have a look on the memories page under “Christmas Outings 2007“.

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