Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

man cold

Since 4:30 p.m. today, this is what I’ve been dealing with:

[youtube rXLHWmjA5IE]

Mike informed me on his way home from work that he was sick. Upon his arrival home he almost immediately made a beeline for bed. I couldn’t even coax him to make an appearance for dinner, a dinner made especially for him–grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup and oranges (gotta get that Vitamin C). Dinner in bed, must be nice…

In other news, Mimi tinkled on the potty last night. It was a banner moment in the Hawley home. She got a buck for her troubles. It’s still a work in progress with no success today with quite the poopy mess to clean up:( I even bought a 5 pound bag of M&M’s (you heard that right) in hopes of motivating her. We’ll see what happens.

Annie had a little spill at school today which left her with a shiner. Apparently, walking up the stairs causes her much strife. She’s definitely her mother’s daughter. Annie’s being a real champ about it though with only a dozen mentions of it since returning home from school. See picture above (not as noticeable as in person though).

The things Lucy has to put up with…. I can’t seem to make the girls understand that Lucy is not as intrigued by the princess lifestyle as they are.

Makes you wonder…
Mike and I were putzing around the kitchen the other day when all of a sudden he proclaimed that he was suddenly compelled to give a Nate a call. Nate is a childhood friend who lives up by Baltimore with his wife and 2 daughters. Not long into the phone call Mike discovered that they would be moving at the end of January to London for the next five months and wouldn’t return until after our departure from D.C. We had them over for dinner on Sunday night. I’m so glad we got a chance to see them again before they headed to the UK. It was certainly our last chance. Annie and Mimi had a blast with their 2 girls. At some point all 4 girls were dressed up in princess gear. Too cute! We’ll miss them and wish them the best on their new adventure. It sounds like such fun.

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